KC Live: Halloween Goodies and Rubbing Elbows with a Royal (Like, for real.)

Today was another delightful day on the set of Kansas City Live!


The morning did not get off to a smooth start. You see, I had the extremely ambitious idea to vacuum my whole house yesterday, leading to a pulled muscle in my back, resulting in me waking up with a full blown back spasm to the point that I could not fully inflate my lungs. This is precisely the time it comes in handy to have a very good chiropractor. In my case, it’s Chad Welter of Active Family in Overland Park. Seriously…he’s the best. He works so much he’s basically on call and he never complains that every time I burst through the office door I am usually loudly whining and declaring my imminent death. Case in point:


*Note: Active Family Chiropractic is not a sponsor or anything. In fact, based on my dramatic lamentations in front of their other clients, they may not even want to be publicly associated with me.

So after being poked, prodded, taped, and rolled, I got home where I had to wrestle Savannah to the ground in order to do her hair for preschool picture day. With less than an hour to spare I teased up my hair and shellacked on some face paint until I looked like a modern-day Here’s-Your-One-Chance-Fancy and headed to the TV station. You can watch the clip here:


One SUPER fun fact is that I got to meet India Hicks, as in the former model, lifestyle guru, accessories and fragrance mogul, author, and…….wait for it…….actual bridesmaid of Princess Diana. (Right now you’re like, WHAT?? And I’m like, YES! And you’re like NO WAY! And I’m like YES WAY!) Full disclosure, I first heard of her in Town and Country magazine years ago, but I didn’t immediately recognize her THANK GOD because who knows what I would have said (there might have to be a whole separate blog post of times I’ve embarrassed myself in front of someone famous by saying something idiotic.)

Anyway, India Hicks is royal (like, in-line-for-the-throne Royal) but she’s quick to downplay it. She’s one of those effortlessly chic British women with muted makeup and a neutral yet perfectly-tailored outfit. Her line of accessories and fragrances just further reflects her impeccable taste. And she’s just nice…not like, smiles as she’s looking over your shoulder for the next person to talk to…just plain old-fashioned nice. My friend and I went to her book signing at Nell Hills and I had my sorority sister on Facetime (which I’m aware is a super cheesy and uncool move, but that’s how I roll) and India could not have been more gracious. I feel like I’m classier just from having met her. Then again I drink box wine and recently spent a full day learning the words to Bodak Yellow, so I’m probably a lost cause.

I digress…

Here are some fun pictures from the day, and you’ll find all the product details from the segment as well. Thanks for following my adventures!

IMG_2455IMG_2458IMG_2466 (2)IMG_2484 (2)IMG_2489IMG_2492IMG_2493IMG_2497 (2)IMG_2499 (2)IMG_2510IMG_2511IMG_2519 (2)IMG_2521 (2)


Adorable products from the segment found here:

  • Totes, T-Shirts & Onesies at www.hilittleone.com
    • (Seriously these T-shirts are SO SOFT! I’m definitely ordering more from hi little one.)
  • Playfoam Halloween Pods at Target
  • Halloween Mini Pouch at www.just-zipit.com
    • (These would make awesome party favors.)
  • Skeleton Floor Puzzle at www.learningresources.com
    • (So excited to do this with my kiddos. So fun they don’t even realize how much they’re learning.)
  • Spookies at www.HABAusa.com
    • (Fantastic way to teach kids risk vs. rewards while having family fun.)


Now if you’ll excuse me while I pinch myself over the crazy-random-awesome things that seem to keep finding this little Kansas mommy. If you’re reading this, you’re one of the biggest, coolest surprises of my life. Thank you for reading and sharing, friends. Please comment more! I want to hear from you weirdos.


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