KC Live: Blinded By The Light (And Cool Products for Parents made by Parents.)

Actual things that happened before this segment: at 9pm on Sunday I realized I needed a drill to put together the Tot Tower. My husband was on a plane to Chicago and our drill is MIA and probably dead, but luckily my neighbors are an incredibly nice Canadian couple with grown children and the husband was able to come over and help me put it together. He really had the best joke when I said, “thanks! I’ll give you a shoutout tomorrow!” and he said in his endearing Canadian accent, “Oh, hey, don’t do that. I don’t want people saying I was over screwin’ at the neighbors house.”

Cut to Monday morning: after making breakfast for two dogs and two kids, packing lunches, dressing Avery in spirit wear, packing not one, but two halloween costumes for Savannah’s preschool party, showering, doing my full hair and makeup, going over my talking points and loading my car with all of the things for my segment, I was trying to get us out the door to school with my hands full and my plastic cup of crystal light hanging from my teeth (moms know this move) when I stepped down the garage stairs and splashed crystal light DIRECTLY IN MY EYEBALL and all over my face. I was completely blind for 45 seconds as my eye burned with the fire of a thousand suns. My brain went into damage control denial, like, “This is fine. I’ll just wear sunglasses for the segment and go to the ER afterwards. I can totally drive with one eye.” Luckily I regained vision in time to see the tributaries of black eye makeup streaming down the left side of my previously contoured face. But there was NO TIME, so I grabbed an old paper towel off the floor of my car to wipe off the black makeup before it dried, made it to school drop off, then went to the TV station where I had approximately two minutes to fix my face before I was on live TV, 8 minutes into the show.

If you recall, last time I was booked for a segment I woke up with a spasm in my back and had to fit an emergency chiropractor trip into my morning routine. And then in my haste, I wasn’t sure if I took a xanax or a muscle relaxer. My husband’s response to this information: “either way, it’ll work.”

So I guess what I’m saying is, take advice from me ladies! I have it all together! I’m living my best life!

I did get one of my favorite compliments ever though, when one of the ladies at the station said, “we don’t even invite you for the TV, we just love the show before you go on.”

keepin it real (1).gif

The products I showed on the segment were all created by parents who saw a need for something with their own children so they went for it, which I love (links below). I recommend getting at least two of the Munch Mitts so the baby can wear two at once making it less likely they will pull it off. They run large, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Everything I’ve read about the Baby Butz cream is stellar. Please read the creator Majda’s message on the website. I just so love her candor and conviction, I’m kind of obsessed with her. The only complaint people have is that they wish they could order a larger size, although they say it lasts quite a long time. My kids are out of diapers, but I plan to keep my smaller jar anyway to use on dry skin and scrapes.

Based on the response of my friends, I think the Baprons are going to be huge for the holidays. The patterns are just so chic (not to mention stain resistant and easy to clean) and as the creators say, it’s the bib for kids who hate bibs. And I don’t know a single kid who likes bibs. If you’re a grandma, I would order these BEFORE Thanksgiving so they can wear them on the big day to protect their festive outfits. Same with Christmas. Even Savannah, although aged out of the market, is a fan of the Baprons (@MrsKansasMommy):


As always, let me know if you have any questions or if you’ve tried any of the products! I’d love to hear from you. Here are some of the behind the scenes pictures, taken by my lovely friend Erin:


FullSizeRender (2)

And I made it back to preschool in time for the Halloween Party! Shoutout to my Sis for filling in for me until I could get there.FullSizeRender_1 (2)


Product Information:

Munch Mitt at http://www.munchmitt.com
Baby Butz at http://www.Amazon.com
Snap & Shop Tray at http://www.snap-shop- tray.myshopify.com
Bapron at http://www.bapronbaby.com
True Growth Tot Tower at http://www.true-growth.com



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