20 Minute Post-Weekend Detox

If you follow me on IG (@MrsKansasMommy) you know I’ve just gotten home from an 8 day family vacation extravaganza in which I overindulged on everything (food, sun, booze, chlorine, caffeine…all the good things.)

We landed in Kansas City last night, got McDonald’s on the way home (yes, we are garbage people who regularly eat McDonald’s) and I got straight into bed with my kids for like ten hours. I woke up today and realized I am supposed to appear on television tomorrow which theoretically requires me to be seen and I look like a cross between Tan Mom and Captain Ron. (Note to self, check availability for domain name CaptainTanRonMom.com) With little time left, I opted for a few of my standard reset buttons when I’m feeling blah. P.S. I’ve been sent a lot of different products to try because I have a blog, but I’m not being paid to mention any of these. I just use them and like them.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.

I mean, my last minute detox routine:

20 Minute Post Weekend Detox

  1. My Magic Mud Tooth Whitening Powder (it’s on sale!) Put this in ya pie-hole and brush until you look insane: Magic MudLeave it in while you do your next steps.
  2. Arbonne Cellular Renewal Masque. I’ve been a fan of this masque for years. They recently reformulated it to be less abrasive, and personally I prefer the burn of the old formula, but it’s still one of the most immediate-results masques I’ve tried. And I’ve tried tons. Today I put this on my face, neck, shoulders, chest and even the backs of my hands (while belting out IF I COULD TURN BACK TI-IME!)
  3. The next step is dry-brushing. If you’re new to dry-brushing you’re fine just getting the natural bristle one from Target. The key is to do this step before you get your skin wet. Start at your ankles and work your way up your legs and butt. Rub in an upward circular motion over your tummy and love handles. Start at each wrist and rub in circular motions up to your shoulders. The key is to always be moving the brush toward your heart. Not only does this get rid of ingrown hairs and dead skin, it also supposedly stimulates the lymphatic system to help your body better detoxify. <Now shower and rinse off your masque, whitening powder, and body.>
  4. Apply your normal face cream (lately I’m into Rodan + Fields Redefine), then massage Dr. Teal’s Detox lotion into your whole body. It costs about $5 at Target and it’s one of my tried-and-true.
  5. Rehydrate. I’m currently using these Vitasome supplements, but I also love the Arbonne detox products I’ve tried.

Now go to bed. Preferably one without multiple dogs and children in it, but for some of us, this goal is unattainable at the moment.

As usual, I’ll post details from my segment tomorrow so you can check back and let me know if you’re like Wooh! or Woof.




KC Live: That Time I Played In A Baby Pool In A Parking Lot.

This segment has everything: an overzealous bubble machine, a grown woman trying to talk and play with baby toys on live tv, Dan Cortez…

It all started Thursday night. I got home from spending the week in Wichita and waited for Kuhlguy to come home from work so I could go to Target and purchase a baby pool to use for my segment Friday morning. While I was there, a Fourth of July swimsuit caught my eye and I thought, well, obviously I need that.

Along with the things I needed for the show, I also brought my giant float: KellyAnne Swanway (named so because “she ain’t got no legs”) and my kids’ bubble machine. As the segment began, the wind picked up and we found ourselves in a bubble storm, so the producer is frantically off to the side turning off my bubble machine, my products for the segment are getting blown all out of order in the baby pool, I’m wearing a microphone pinned to a swimsuit in a parking lot while I play with baby toys in front of two grown men in suits and the camera is rolling and I’m internally having one of those moments like *record scratch* *freeze frame* “I bet you’re wondering how I got here.”

But the show must go on, and so it did. Joel had the best line of the day which was, “Don’t bring a fish to a gun fight.”

The YookeeDoo Duck Race is my favorite; clearly it’s for babies, but I find it strangely mesmerizing. All of these are definitely going to get a lot of use at our house this summer:

Yookidoo Musical Duck Race at http://www.Amazon.com

HABA Squirter Fish Angler Set at http://www.Amazon.com

GeoSafari® Jr. Subscope™ at http://www.EducationalInsights.com

STEM Sink or Float Activity Set at http://www.LearningResources.com

Nerf AlphaFire available at Amazon, Target, Toys R Us

And now for some Behind-The Scenes:



Not a whole lot of room for a mic pack


My personal assistant for the day: Mr. KansasMommy



KellyAnne Swanway


I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend! If you need me I’ll be exactly like the above picture only on the water and without my pants.








KC Live: Modern Mommy Essentials (Pills, Boobs, Booze + More)

The greatest thing happened to me today. Right before we went live, I was asked to “say something” for the mic check and I got to utter the epic words, “The arsonist has oddly shaped feet…what is your name, Lanolin?” in a real life TV studio.

MM 1MM 2MM 4MM 5MM 6MM 8

Here’s my girl-talk with the amazing Michelle Davidson. Everytime I see her I love her more and today was no exception:


Here are the innovative modern mommy essentials from the segment and where to find them:

The Innovation award-nominated mifold is more than 10x smaller than a regular booster seat but just as safe. It’s literally small enough to fit in your purse and therefore perfect for travel and ideal for times when you need to fit three booster seats across!

mi fold Booster Seat

Order the mifold Booster Seat HERE

Nanobébé Breastmilk Bottle. Launching in the US now and also up for an Innovation Award, this is the first bottle specifically designed to protect breastmilk nutrients and allow the baby to start self-feeding at an earlier age. This bottle cools breastmilk 7x faster than standard bottles, preserving more nutrients. It also warms 2-3 times faster so you can quickly feed your crying baby without destroying any of the good stuff you worked so hard to pump!

nano bebe breastmilk bottle

Order the Nanobebe HERE

Vitasome’s Curcumin-C & Glutasome have energy-boosting turmeric which is a natural anti-inflammatory and promote healthy skin, diminishing the signs of aging (YES!) What’s so different about these supplements is the patented liposomal delivery system. Liposomes surround the nutrients until they penetrate your cells where they’ll have the most benefit so the nutrients are never mistaken for waste.



Order Vitasome HERE

The Nugeni Steva + is an all in one, easily interchangeable handheld vacuum (cordless and upright), steam mop and a mobile steam cleaner. You can even use it to steam clothes! The steam kills 99% of bacteria so you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals.

Nugeni Steva Accessories

Order the Nugeni Steva + HERE


Kansas City Live: Autism Awareness Month

Approximately 24 hours before I was supposed to go on live television for a segment, I woke up with a horrendous sinus infection and no voice…not even a sultry  Scarlett Johansson voice, just little raspy squeaks between hacking coughs. But the show must go on (as we “in the biz” say) so I pumped myself full of a dangerous amount of cold medicine, drank a vat of tea, and painted up my face like a french streetwalker. Because I’m a professional, dangit.


Kansas City Live host Joel Nichols

I was in the large news studio today rather than the morning show set so there was no live audience.  I had an overwhelming urge to sit at the anchor desk and say things like, “How now brown cow. Unique New York. What is your name, Lanolin?” I resisted.

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Dress Up Day with KC Designer Whitney Manney

I’ve been a fan of clothing designer Whitney Manney  since I saw her runway show at a Fashion For A Cause event several years ago. Her models walked to the song “You’re All I Need To Get By” by Aretha Franklin, which is one of my favorite songs of all time. (I have a grand romantic fantasy that someday I will get a surprise party and when I walk in there will be a gospel choir singing this song for me.) I immediately felt like a kindred spirit. The second thing I loved about her show is that the models wore trucker hats with crowns and the combo was completely over the top and right up my alley; her whole vibe just made me happy. I started following her on social media and we exchanged comments here and there. Recently I went to meet her in her eclectic Studio in Westport. For as bold as her designs are, her mannerisms are reserved. In her presence, it was painfully obvious to me that I’m much more of a babbling, 30-something JoCo mommy than an aloof fashion industry insider, but she has a quiet confidence that I respect and I left an even bigger fan of her creativity.


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My TV Debut: Behind the Scenes

I recently went on Kansas City Live to do a segment on National Children’s Dental Health Month and since it was my first time being on live tv, I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes.

First of all, how to decide what to wear, right? Luckily I have a go-to sorority sister for that. Like, one time I sent her this “cool” outfit I wore to preschool pick-up, which turned out was not cool:

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#MKMreal Hashtag Game Winner!


Thank you so much to our sponsor Anna Needham for this fun idea! Make sure you check out annaneedham.myrandf.com to get your glow on. Rodan + Fields is the ISH and Anna is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, sweet Momma from Texas! Fun fact, I know Anna through her husband Ben who I grew up with in Stillwater. One time sophomore year we had a snow day, so like any reasonable people a few of our friends tied a sled to the back of a jeep and took turns riding on the snowy back roads, where I witnessed Ben hit a dead cat at such speed that the sled actually caught air. Because Oklahoma. That story had nothing to do with this contest, but when you see your friend hit a dead cat on a child’s sled you never skip the opportunity to retell it.

Soooo…on to the winner!

Congratulations to @CiminoFamily on winning your $75 credit to Rodan + Fields. You cracked us up with your multiple entries but this one definitely takes the cake. Also OUCH!


Other awesome entries:



I seriously love you people.

National Children’s Dental Health Month


Today I was on Kansas City Live to talk about some adorable products to help kids get excited about brushing their teeth. I will totally fill you in on what it was like to be on TV for the first time but first I wanted to let you know where you can get these for your kiddos.

Baby Banana Brush


This is the perfect toothbrush/teether for when baby’s first tooth pops up. You can put it in the freezer and it’s even save for the dishwasher. The material is completely safe and the flexibility and shape makes it safer for squirmy toddlers.

Available at Amazon.com


My Magic Mud Toothpaste


This is an all natural toothpaste made with activated charcoal so it actually turns all your teeth black when you use it which Avery thought was the coolest and Kuhlguy even said he was skeptical but it tasted great!

Available at your local Vitamin Shoppe, Natural Grocers, or Sprouts.


New Sprouts Fresh Picked Fruit & Veggie Tote by Learning Resources


These are colorful, durable fruits and veggies perfect for little hands and made of non-toxic plastic. Savvy is absolutely obsessed with them and they come with an adorable reusable grocery bag.

Available at http://www.LearningResources.com


Nancy B’s Science Club Mighty Microbes Lab and Germ Journal


This is a super cool science kit that guides kids through biology experiments. They can even test their own toothbrushes to see the germs and bacteria on them which is so disgusting and I cannot wait to try it!

Available at http://www.EducationalInsights.com


*Thank you to the companies who provided me with these goodies. My kiddos are super excited about all of them!

Getaway: Omni Scottsdale at Montelucia

If you follow me on IG (@MrsKansasMommy) you probably know I recently tagged along with my husband last minute on a business trip to Scottsdale.

We got up at 4:30am to make it to the airport. Safely on board, we pulled away from the gate, only to have the captain come out (he had a Mike Ditka mustache and was wearing a huge wedding band full of diamonds, which I found noteworthy) to tell us that the plane is “broken” so we are going back, deplaning, and getting on another plane. However, the delivery was infused with a lot of jokes and was unnecessarily lengthy. You could tell that in his head he was like, “pause for laughter…these people are loving me!” Ugh.


Finally in the air on the way to Phoenix, Kevin worked  while I drank 2 bloody Mary’s and had pleasant xanax-laced dreams for three hours while I listened to the Hamilton soundtrack. (OBSESSED!!!)

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