Who Me?


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I’ve always been a girls’ girl.  A sorority girl. For a while I was a pageant girl. Now I’m the mom of four girls in a blended family. So in a way this blog is for me and in a way it’s for them. It started as a way to simply capture memories and became bigger when I realized, through your feedback, there are a lot of cool women out there who are interested in sharing the same kind of conversations that I love – in a word, candid. I am an expert in nothing except for my own life, so that is what I write about here.

A friend of mine suggested this tagline: Mrs. Kansas Mommy: Come for the hair and makeup tips, stay for the inappropriate sense of humor.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.







One thought on “Who Me?

  1. Emily, it was fun chatting with you at the library this week! Thanks for giving me your card! I’ve looked through some of your posts…very fun! I’ll be in touch. Sarah

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