*Be Yourself* (Mommy and Me Photos by KM Photography) Part I.

My girls and I were lucky enough to do a Mommy and Me photo shoot with Krissy Vance of KM Photography and I am head over heels for the gems she captured. As all parents know, the day you set aside for professional pictures is inevitably the day that it rains and your four year old decides she is not.having.it. I’ve been saving these gorgeous lace dresses from Strasburg Children for just this occasion. The details are breathtaking. The clothing is all hand-sewn with special attention to embroidery, smocking and strong French Seams. I’ve already washed, pressed and set these aside for Easter, but I intend to store them in the girls’ keepsake boxes to be passed down someday. There are so many precious heirloom quality outfits for both boys and girls; I especially love all the flower girl dresses.

The only problem, besides the rain, is that Savannah decided that rather than posing for pictures in her beautiful lace dress, she wanted to be a unicorn. So I did what every good parent does and bribed her. More on that later.

Sunny skies are always nice, but I will forever cherish these photos of my sweet girls dancing in our backyard in the rain.

DSC_2465 - CopyDSC_2466 - CopyDSC_2467 - CopyDSC_2468 - CopyDSC_2469 - CopyDSC_2470 - CopyDSC_2471 - CopyDSC_2474 - CopyDSC_2478-Edit-2 - CopyDSC_2481 - CopyDSC_2484 - CopyDSC_2495 - CopyDSC_2505DSC_2506DSC_2507DSC_2511DSC_2518DSC_2525DSC_2530DSC_2538DSC_2539

And now the bribery part. After posing sufficiently for pictures in her southern gown, I let her be a unicorn. I don’t know how she did it, but photographer Krissy Vance somehow made this ridiculous, rainy circus into my favorite picture of all time:


There was another fun component to the Mommy and Me session which I will be sharing in a separate post. Let’s just say it wasn’t a conventional shoot…

Thank you so much to KM Photography and Strasburg Children. Make sure you follow them on Instagram @kmphotoskc and @strasburg_children

If you don’t already, follow me @MrsKansasMommy

I’ll leave you with some Savvy Carter wisdom:

Savvy Unicorn

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