My TV Debut: Behind the Scenes

I recently went on Kansas City Live to do a segment on National Children’s Dental Health Month and since it was my first time being on live tv, I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes.

First of all, how to decide what to wear, right? Luckily I have a go-to sorority sister for that. Like, one time I sent her this “cool” outfit I wore to preschool pick-up, which turned out was not cool:

Amanda Text

Tip: if you have to ask if you’re pulling something off, you’re not. I look like a suburban teacher trying to earn the respect of my inner city high school students.  *Puts on 2008-Kanye shutter shades and attempts to beat box:  “Well I’m a real cool cat and I love to learn! Make sure you do your homework or ya might get buurrrrned…”

So I knew Amanda would tell me the truth and she knows what looks good on TV because she used to be a reporter/anchor. With the outfit handled, the next thing I did was look over a few talking points about each of the products I’d be discussing. Some people find public speaking intimidating, but this is actually preferable to me over, say, modeling. I never plan out what I’m going to say too much ahead of time, which usually works but sometimes not. Once when I was emceeing a corporate sponsor event for a big charity and very visibly pregnant with my first child, I thought it would be funny to introduce myself as Miss Teen Kansas instead of Mrs. Kansas. Not one person in the entire auditorium laughed. Not one. Apparently it was not, as I’d assumed, obvious that I am not a pregnant teenager with a sash and crown hired to emcee an event. As Kuhlguy says, they don’t all land.

I brought my neighbor with me so if I bombed and accidentally yelled the F-word or something she’d be there to laugh and go get margaritas.


I briefly met the producer and arranged the table for my segment. It felt very surreal to walk onto the set. The cameras are huge and the lights are blinding.



I only met the hosts of the show about 30 seconds before we went on. When Joel Nichols and Michelle Davidson walked over to me to begin the segment I was taken aback by how natural and flawless Michelle’s skin is; it doesn’t even look like she’s wearing any makeup. Meanwhile I was going for my usual look of borderline-drag-queen. We did the segment, had some laughs, and it was over in the blink of an eye.


I also met clothing designer Travis Cal and was glad his segment was on after mine, so I didn’t have to follow all of their gorgeousness.


TV stations are fast, chaotic machines made up of really hard-working, quick-thinking people and I’m completely fascinated how so many seemingly random things come together on the turn of a dime.


I bought my dress at Addie Rose Boutique. And if you want to see my segment, you can watch it here.

I’m still available for corporate events and Bar Mitzvahs, at least until Dancing With The Stars calls.

Hearing from you always makes my day:

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