Product Review: Not Your Mother’s (Not for me.)

Last time I was at Ulta, they were having a buy one get one half off sale on Not Your Mother’s hair care products. The packaging was cute and since I was out of my trusty Suave Dry shampoo I decided to try their line called Clean Freak. I’ve only had it for a few weeks and I’m only slightly sad to say it has already run out.

FullSizeRender_11.The “refreshing” smell they are going for is, in my opinion, not unlike the scent of SPF 50.

2. I had to use twice as much to get half the volume/effectiveness.

3. At a whopping $5.99 it’s twice the price of my old faithful.


*From what I’ve heard, Suave is not ideal for people with dark hair because it leaves too much product on the roots. I keep hearing about  Living Proof, but as you probably surmised, $22 is way more than I would pay, especially at the rate I go through it.

One last thing…when I went to Ulta’s website to double check the price, I saw this caption underneath it:

Clean Freak Details

Really?? What does the brand name “Not Your Mother’s” even mean? Why don’t you just call it “Your Well-Meaning-But-Sexist Grandpa’s Dry Shampoo” Really!!

Really with Seth and Amy





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