Savannah’s Birth Story

Announcing Savannah Carter Kuhlman!

Born 7/9/13

8lbs, 10oz

21.25 inches

Our first family photo:

I can’t believe how the last 2 weeks have flown by! Savannah Carter made her debut via induction on July 9th. Kevin and I had set the date about a week and a half prior, so the day before was pretty much about killing time and getting through the anticipation. We went out to lunch at Pig and Finch where I ate about 10 pretzel bites with cheese (YUM). My husband is usually an emotional rock, but when it comes to me being in the hospital he gets really jumpy and stressed. This was apparent when he spilled his water all over the table and accidentally stabbed the waiter’s hand with his knife as he tried to clean up the spill. I laughed way too hard.  Afterwards we played outside with Avery, blowing bubbles, sharing gelato and soaking up the sunshine!

The day before I gave birth to sweet Savvy girl!

Around 6 pm the night before the induction, I got a call from the hospital maternity coordinator saying I had been put on the wait list since they had so many full rooms. I was so disappointed and beyond ready to meet my baby so I decided to take matters into my own hands and try to induce labor myself. I made my husband go on a 2.5 mile walk with me in the sweltering heat, stopping every 20 feet to do deep squats. I did not bother to change into work out gear or put my hair up. In other words, I was a hot desperate mess, squatting through our neighborhood like a pot-bellied mad woman. And guess what…my water didn’t break. And I was really sore and miserable. Epic fail.

I woke up at 3am hoping for a call. When 6:30am rolled around I called the hospital to see if there was any news but was just told to wait. Around 10:30 a.m. they finally called and said we could come in at 11. I have been preparing Avery for this for weeks now, talking her through the whole process so she wouldn’t be too traumatized when she saw me leaving with overnight bags. I took a deep breath and got down in front of her and said very seriously, “Avery, Mommy is going to go to the hospital now to have the baby…” and she cut me off and said “Okay, Mommy!” and gave me a goodbye smooch. Apparently it was just another Tuesday for her.

I hadn’t been able to eat anything since the night before so I was feeling a little weak on the drive over. This is precisely the moment when my husband declared that he was “starving” as the piece of pumpkin bread he just ate was “tiny” and turned the car into the McDonald’s drive-thru where he proceeded to stare at the menu blankly for about 3 minutes as if he had never been to a McDonald’s before, then order a burger AND a McChicken and scarf them down in under 60 seconds. Truthfully I was glad he was eating because he was already a little wobbly from nerves. However, if he would have eaten french fries in front of me at that point I may have considered a trial separation. At least until we went home and I didn’t have a night nurse anymore.

Bracelet on! I’m in!

Can you tell we are excited to meet our baby?!

The birthing center is completely new since I had Avery at the same hospital just two years ago. It is basically the Wynn Las Vegas of birthing centers. It’s so nice, I can’t believe they let people bleed there.

Moving in

Ready to get the pitocin party started!

Once we got settled, they broke my water and gave me a pitocin drip. For the next few hours I basically just waited for things to kick in. I had family there to entertain me and lots of ice chips. They even let me have a Popsicle because I had gone so long without eating. We just sat around talking, laughing, and being excited!

Thank goodness for my amazing Mommy. I can’t do anything without her!!!


Around 5pm my doctor came in to check on me. I was dilated to a 5 and hadn’t really made much progress in the past 5 hours. She gave the nurse an order to kick up my pitocin and let me know she was heading out for a speed running class and that she would return shortly. Side note: my doctor has four children, a husband, a medical practice and, oh yeah, in her spare moments between bringing new life into the world she takes speed running classes just to improve her time. What?! She’s superwoman!


So I settled in to wait out another few hours and that’s when I felt it. A contraction. Like, a serious god-awful contraction that seemed to have developed some immunity to the epidural. It was crazy. I never ever felt my contractions with my first child so I was completely shocked at how painful it was. Then they just kept coming in waves. I tried to tough it out, clutching my little drip button, but the baby was just coming too fast to keep up with the pain medicine. Marisa (who is an R.N. herself) went out in the hall to find our nurse and told the lady sitting at the desk that we needed the anesthesiologist right away. Apparently the lady was a little busy because she basically dismissed her and told her to press the call button. Marisa came back in the room, took one look at me in pain, marched right back out into the hall and demanded the anesthesiologist. The lady jumped out of her chair to find him and within minutes they were giving me more medicine! LOVE that girl! My mom and husband were also by my side the entire time supporting me and putting on strong faces, even though I know they were both nervous to see me in pain.



Everything happened really quickly after that. I dilated from a 5 to a 6 to an 8 to a 10 within less than an hour. I was covered in sweat. My doctor had to leave her class to rush back. She bolted into the room in her  neon jogging outfit, threw on some scrubs, and I pushed for less than 9 minutes before my sweet little girl made her debut. It was AWESOME! I was so excited when I got to see her that I screamed in excitement because it all happened so fast!


I think this would make a cute Nike ad. Just Did It!

Savannah weighed exactly the same as Avery did at birth, only she has a bigger head and measured an inch and a quarter longer!

Little Savvy sweetie face!

Sisters meet!

Savannah’s going home outfit

So far my sweet girls are amazing! Avery is so helpful with her little sister and she hugs and kisses her every day. Savannah is almost two weeks old so she’s a little more active and I’m not getting much sleep at night, but I keep reminding myself how fleeting this time is when she is so dependent on me. I am slowly learning the ropes to being a mother-of-two. My husband and parents have been incredible. My dad and Kevin grill delicious, healthy meals for us every night while my mom does all the dishes and helps me with the girls. I truly don’t know what I would do without all of their love, encouragement, and support.  

These two little faces make me melt!

First We had eachother then we had you

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