Date Night: Family of 4

Lately when I’m not entertaining my 2 year old, most of my “free” time is spent like this…

Or this…

When my husband and I were dating, he was constantly taking me out to nice restaurants. Since we’ve had children, that has changed, but last Friday night we decided it was time to go out on the town. And by ‘out on the town,’ I mean to Chili’s a couple miles from our house. Why Chili’s? It has all the qualities we look for in a restaurant these days: 1. It’s loud enough to drown out any screaming or crying, and 2. They serve margaritas and beer.


It can be kind of a challenge to get Avery to pose for a picture lately…

Starting a tickle fight…

Tickle fight at the table with squeals of laughter!


She also loves to stand up in booths and bounce up and down wildly like she’s jumping on a bed. We are working on it.


Right before she planted a HUGE smooch on me

Savvy slept through most of dinner, until she woke up hungry and wailed

We ended the night at the McDonald’s drive through for soft serve cones. This was Avery’s first time to have one and she looked darn cute eating it.


I know someday my husband and I will be one of those couples we often see at the table next to us. You can tell their kids have grown up and they just look over at the chaos of a young family out to eat and smile because they know how fast it goes by and how much it is missed when it’s gone. So cheers to the here and now, chaos and all!




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