KC Live: Breastfeeding Awareness and How To Carry A Mannequin Across A Busy Trafficway

If you read my last post, you know breastfeeding is a topic that brings up a lot of uncomfortable memories for me. If you’re a new mom and struggling with breastfeeding, I truly hope something here helps you through this time; just know it gets better. You’re not going to have to do this forever.

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So, when I watched this back I was like, well dang I’m not so pleasant looking when I’m trying to get a point across. Then I thought to myself, this is a topic I’m passionate about, breastfeeding and postpartum issues suck for a lot of new moms, so who cares how I look when I talk if I’m helping make another mom not feel so alone.

CLEARLY the best part of this week’s segment was Cheryl the mannequin, named by my niece. Fun fact: I posted on my Facebook page to see who I know who has a mannequin I could borrow. Three people responded yes. They are all related to me. Some families have skeletons in the closet, some families have mannequins in the basement.


More fun pictures from behind the scenes:

FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRenderIMG_9545IMG_9588IMG_9591IMG_9608IMG_9621IMG_9624IMG_9726FullSizeRender_1IMG_9787 (1)KLast

Pro tip on carrying a mannequin across a busy street: when choosing what will remain intact, you have to choose between your mannequin and your dignity. There can only be one.

You can tune in again on Friday of this week to see some fun solar eclipse toys and tips. Thank you, as always, for coming on my wacky adventures with me; we’re in this together, as I too, have no idea what will happen next.

2 thoughts on “KC Live: Breastfeeding Awareness and How To Carry A Mannequin Across A Busy Trafficway

  1. Mannequin transportation skills run in the family. When I worked as a sign maker in the display department at Hinshaw’s department store in Arcadia, California (in the late 1950s), the display designer told me to disrobe a she-mannequin in one of the windows and take it to the back room, which was on the opposite side of the spacious building. So I took the clothes off the mannequin in one of the store’s front display windows, hoping that few of the people standing and laughing outside on the sidewalk would know my name. Then I had to carry the nude mannequin through the building, which was crowded with shoppers. Now, these early mannequins were supported by a steel pole, with a heavy stand at the bottom of the pole. At the other end, the pole entered the mannequin’s. . .um. . .lower back. There was only way to carry her: grabbing the stand right below the butt with one hand, and then with the other hand reaching around the mannequin’s body and grabbing a boob. In this fashion, at the age of 17, in 1959, I carried the mannequin through Hinshaw’s department store in mid-day. Mr. Kansas Grandfather

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