Wedding season is upon us! First of all, I LOVE weddings, I have a huge family, and I was in a sorority so I’ve attended my fair share of vows and seen some things over the years.

Quick side note on wedding fashion. I love the flower crown thing in general but I think that for brides they are going to be the 2015 equivalent of those big vaguely-western wedding hats from the 80s. What’s so wrong with a veil?

^ This bride is GORGEOUS but fast forward 20 years and I fear she will look like this:

Here is a picture of yours truly at my own wedding in 2009:


“A #ChildBride in the 2000s”

My hubby and I joke that I am going to be a MOBzilla when Avery gets married and bark orders at people while I proclaim that it’s “MY DAY” in between fittings for my various outfit changes and rehearsals for the song I am going to perform as a slideshow plays of just pictures of me and Avery. We laugh, but then we both make that “yikes” face, because inside we are both a little afraid of what I’m capable of.

On that note, here are a few of my favorite #WeddingFails from over the years. (Disclaimer: If I have been to your wedding, it might be featured here. Thank you again for inviting me, everything was lovely.)

I once went to a wedding where the groom’s mother insisted on doing a speech and started it by yelling “WOOOOH! SOMEBODY GAVE ME A MICROPHONE!!!” Then she talked about how she had never really wanted to “cut the umbilical cord.” Then when the groom was going to take off the bride’s garter, his mother “playfully” ran across the dance floor and threw herself in between them. (If I had a son, I have no doubt I would totally be this woman someday.)

I once went to a wedding where the mother of the groom came down the aisle in a floor-length white gown.

I once went to a wedding where a fist fight broke out between a mob of groomsmen on the dance floor and everyone ran outside to watch them duke it out in the parking lot.

I have actually been to multiple weddings where one of the guys got so drunk he dropped his pants on the dancefloor. Guys, why is this a thing? (You know who you are.)

I know someone who got so rowdy during “SHOUT” at a wedding that he blew out his knee.

I once went to a wedding where one of the guests got stuck in the church bathroom right before the ceremony was about to begin and started panicking and beating on the door until one of the groomsmen heard her and busted the door open. (Again, apologies to my cousin and his wife for the scene, but I was trapped and scared.)

I once went to a wedding where the bride was walking around the cocktail hour completely unaware that there was a mini twice-baked potato in one of the tufts of her ball gown. (Again, that was me.)

Comment your #weddingfail stories if you have a good one! I’d love to read them!

For wedding style updates, go check out these stunners from Stella and Dot under my “Shop With Me” Tab! Just browse the Special Occasions Boutique to see these and so many other gorgeous ideas for you, your bridesmaids, or a special bride in your life. #Stellabrate!

Bridal Stella and Dot

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