Actual Things: Werk + The Auto Professor

Hi friends! I know it’s been a while and I’m sorry about that. About a month ago I got the opportunity to go back to work for the traffic engineering firm I worked for when I had Avery and it’s been a bumpy yet rewarding adventure for my new life as a non-preschooler Mommy while my girls are in school all day.

Actual things that have happened since I came back to a professional office environment:

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“SAHM”: The Voldemort of Job Titles?

I was recently introduced and the conversation went like this:
“This is Julie, she’s a teacher and this is Emily, she, uh, she…” And then this woman who has known me for years, turns to me with this sheepish look and is like, “…….!”
Your face when
When did “Stay At Home Mom” become the Voldemort of job titles? You would think, by the level of this woman’s concern for saying the wrong thing and embarrassing me, that I was in some sort of sex trade and she wasn’t sure whether to call me an escort or a dancer.

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