KC Live: Blinded By The Light (And Cool Products for Parents made by Parents.)

Actual things that happened before this segment: at 9pm on Sunday I realized I needed a drill to put together the Tot Tower. My husband was on a plane to Chicago and our drill is MIA and probably dead, but luckily my neighbors are an incredibly nice Canadian couple with grown children and the husband was able to come over and help me put it together. He really had the best joke when I said, “thanks! I’ll give you a shoutout tomorrow!” and he said in his endearing Canadian accent, “Oh, hey, don’t do that. I don’t want people saying I was over screwin’ at the neighbors house.”

Cut to Monday morning: after making breakfast for two dogs and two kids, packing lunches, dressing Avery in spirit wear, packing not one, but two halloween costumes for Savannah’s preschool party, showering, doing my full hair and makeup, going over my talking points and loading my car with all of the things for my segment, I was trying to get us out the door to school with my hands full and my plastic cup of crystal light hanging from my teeth (moms know this move) when I stepped down the garage stairs and splashed crystal light DIRECTLY IN MY EYEBALL and all over my face. I was completely blind for 45 seconds as my eye burned with the fire of a thousand suns. My brain went into damage control denial, like, “This is fine. I’ll just wear sunglasses for the segment and go to the ER afterwards. I can totally drive with one eye.” Luckily I regained vision in time to see the tributaries of black eye makeup streaming down the left side of my previously contoured face. But there was NO TIME, so I grabbed an old paper towel off the floor of my car to wipe off the black makeup before it dried, made it to school drop off, then went to the TV station where I had approximately two minutes to fix my face before I was on live TV, 8 minutes into the show.

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KC Live: Money Basics for Kids

KC Live Money Segment

Today I had the privilege of being a guest on Kansas City Live talking about some great toys to help parents teach kids about the basics of dollars and cents. Here are the products I featured on air and where to get them. You can also go to LearningResources.com where all the Money themed toys are 20% off!

Pretend & Play Calculator and Cash Register available at Target

Pretend and Play Cash Register

Learning Resources Smart Market available at Amazon

The Smart Market

Pretend and Play ATM Machine available at Amazon

Pretend and Play ATM

Learning Resources Money Activity Set available at Amazon

Learning Resources Money Activity Set

Pretend and Play Play Money available at Amazon

Pretend and Play Money

A big thank you to Learning Resources for the fantastic toys!


Sh*t My Kids Say

Well hello there! I was gone for a minute but I’m back.

My absolute FAVORITE thing about my kids is how much they make me laugh. I usually fire off a quick post on Facebook to capture the quote before I forget it, so today I thought I’d share some of them here.

*For reference: Kevin is my husband, George is my dog, Avery is my (just turned) 5 year old and Savannah “Savvy” is my 2 year old.*



broken sippy cup

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Potty-Training Tips? Don’t Ask Me.

Have you ever woken up one day and realized that a significant part of your life is spent wiping other people’s butts? It’s got to be the most humbling part of motherhood aside from actually birthing a child.

Like all first-time moms, when Avery was 15 months old I started pinning a bunch of “potty-training” tips on Pinterest and preparing to brag about how I did it in just a weekend (!) Then I gave up because it was too hard and she ended up potty training herself when she turned 3. Like, one day she just started using the toilet. I’m not sure how long I would have let her wear diapers if she hadn’t decided on her own, but I’m glad she made the decision, forcause ew. (“Forcause” is the word she invented and it’s too cute to correct so we are just making it a thing now.)

Now my second child is 2 years old and vaguely interested in being potty trained. And by vaguely I mean she enjoys sitting on the toilet fully clothed and then asking for treats. She also enjoys removing her diaper on her own and then, to put it delicately, forgetting she has done so after the crucial moment has passed.

When I think she’s finally going to use the potty, it turns out to be some sort of cruel toddler practical joke. She gets me all psyched up until I’m in such a frenzy of excitement and encouragement that I no longer sound like English is my native language. “You want marshmallow? You pee pee?! Make water in toilet, yes?” Then she just stands up and walks away, like, Nah. Should have seen your face though. Classic Peg!

Then there was the time a couple weeks ago when her older sister got really into knock-knock jokes and not to be outdone, she said, “Mommy, knock knock!” Thinking how adorable, I said with exaggerated anticipation, “Who’s there?!” Then she grinned and said, “I goed poop.” So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not great at potty-training but I’m doing a pretty good job raising a couple of smart-asses. And I couldn’t be prouder.

Should I make some tips for Pinterest?

Savannah 2

Other titles for this post:

“Wiping Smart Asses”

“Getting To The Bottom Of Potty-Training”

“No Ifs/Ands, Just Butts. All The Butts. So Many Butts.”

“Why Moms Are Always Pooped”

“‘My Hobby Is Butt-Wiping’ And Other Reasons I’m Glad I Don’t Have To Fill Out An Online Dating Profile”

“Generic Butt Pun. I’m Tired.”