Home for Christmas – Part I

Today I’m showing you a little bit of what I’ve been up to around my house. There is still a lot to be done, but with two little ones and a dog I have to work when I can and be ready to break up a toy dispute or clean up a spill at a moments notice. I do NOT spend a lot of money on Christmas decorations. Most of mine are actually second hand from relatives or thrifted. I see things I want all the time like, practically everything at Target every year, but I can’t justify spending the money on something I’m going to have out for a month or two.

We’ll start with the front door. One of the things I love most about my house is the double doors. There’s just something about them that feels very welcoming to me and they were begging for matching wreaths.


Look closely and you can see a little face peeking out like, Mommy, stop being a creeper. My entry rug is actually two. I bought one from Home Goods and it looked kind of small and sad so I went back and luckily there was one more left so I snagged it. I think it’s better than trying to find an outdoor runner in a pattern you actually like.

The topiary trees and black urns are a new purchase and they will be living there year round. My wreaths are the skimpy $3 ones from Home Depot but when fluffed I think they look just right. I hung them using 3M shower hooks and added the bows with some burlap scraps I had. The garland is actually four of the basic el-cheapo ones twisted together so they would look full enough to be seen from the street.



I continued the simple green theme in the foyer. I’m not really one for a lot of STUFF hanging all over the place. I actually purchased this extra wide garland last year at Goodwill (brand new still in the package!) and magically it was the perfect length. I think the grand total was $4 or something like that.

My entry table is all silver, which is new for me this year because I tend to mix silver and gold but I thought this would look nice with my new paint and wall sconce.


My girls added the little snowflake tea lights and the Eucalyptus is left over from a centerpiece I did for a dinner party over the weekend. You can get large bunches of it at Trader Joe’s for $2.99 and it smells fresh and lasts for weeks. The little lamp on the floor is actually another Goodwill find that I turned into a little DIY project. I’ll probably do a separate post for that.

Also, here’s a reminder of the paint color before. It’s the quintessential tuscan goldish Johnson County beige:


This is how it looks now, repainted in Behr’s Poetic Light:


So fresh and so clean, clean. We saved money by doing the bulk of it ourselves and then hiring a professional to come in and finish up what we couldn’t. We also updated a sconce, getting rid of what my husband and I refered to as the Boob light.





Last year I really didn’t change anything in our main sitting room, but if I’ve learned one thing from looking at all the fabulous blogger home tours I follow, it’s that small changes add up to a whole new feel.




Only the Nativity scene here is really a “Christmas” decoration, but when you put it all together it feels very understated but festive to me.


On this shelf, all I did was add the little nativity scene, the stocking and switch out my normal candles for red.


Since it TIS the season to entertain, I moved this pedestal table from our dining room into our sitting room and added the tray to make it into a makeshift bar cart.


As you can see, the tree (also a thrift store find!) has nothing but lights on it so far. Hopefully that will get done this week and I can show you the hearth room, kitchen and dining room.

Moral of the story is, before you pay full price for decorations, check out Goodwill and ask your Mom or Mother-In-Law. They probably have some gems stashed away!

If anyone is looking to get me some new decor, I desperately want these pillows:

Vacation Pillows


Happy Home: Recent Thrifting and Target Finds

Ever since I discovered the GoodWill by my new house, I am pretty much there every week. Yes, I have become THAT stay-at-home mom who buys stuff specifically to spray paint it. However, once in a while I find something that is perfect as it is. I can’t imagine why anyone would part with these things but I’m glad they did.

January February 2015 111

This vase was hidden away on a bottom shelf and as soon as I saw it I snatched it up and bought it immediately. I paid a whopping $9. It sits on the pedestal table in our entryway and everytime I pass it the colors make me so happy. Avery and I collected the sticks from our yard and sprayed them with a white lacquer. It was actually a really fun project for us to do together.

January February 2015 113

The second I saw this I just fell in love with it. For one thing, I haven’t seen anything like it before. Right now it’s holding apples in my kitchen but I think it would be pretty in any room of the house.


This was a Target find and at $2 I bought several of them with a few girlfriends in mind. There were other really cute ones too so next time you are there, take a look!

January February 2015 116

I’ve been using Caldrea dishsoap for years, but I came across this cande the other day at Target and now it’s my favorite thing. The scent is Herbs of Provence and it’s crisp and clean without being flowery or soapy. I light this and turn on my classic french pop iTunes radio station (think oldies you know like “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”, but in french) and I am half way to Europe in my mind.

Tomorrow is an exciting day as I will announce the winner of the #MKMReal Hashtag game drawing (so you can still enter!) and a couple new product obsessions.

Sometimes Confessions Hashtag Game