#MKMreal Hashtag Game Winner!


Thank you so much to our sponsor Anna Needham for this fun idea! Make sure you check out annaneedham.myrandf.com to get your glow on. Rodan + Fields is the ISH and Anna is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, sweet Momma from Texas! Fun fact, I know Anna through her husband Ben who I grew up with in Stillwater. One time sophomore year we had a snow day, so like any reasonable people a few of our friends tied a sled to the back of a jeep and took turns riding on the snowy back roads, where I witnessed Ben hit a dead cat at such speed that the sled actually caught air. Because Oklahoma. That story had nothing to do with this contest, but when you see your friend hit a dead cat on a child’s sled you never skip the opportunity to retell it.

Soooo…on to the winner!

Congratulations to @CiminoFamily on winning your $75 credit to Rodan + Fields. You cracked us up with your multiple entries but this one definitely takes the cake. Also OUCH!


Other awesome entries:



I seriously love you people.

“Sometimes…” Confessions (#MKMReal hashtag game)

My absolute favorite thing that has come from this blog is the feedback I get from all of you fabulous ladies out there who tell me you relate to what I share. This brings me to Game Time! You know I love a hashtag game.

Sometimes Confessions Hashtag Game

Here are my “Sometimes…” confessions as of late. Share your “Sometimes…” moments with me and I’ll do a drawing for someone to win a pair of Stella and Dot Studs of your choice! Just don’t forget to use the hashtag #MKMReal and tweet/tag me @MrsKansasMommy on Twitter or Instagram.

  • Sometimes in order to get Avery to be extra sweet and attentive to her little sister I have to concede to pretend Savvy is really our puppy named Golden. At first I felt bad about treating my 1 year old as a dog, but then I saw how much Savvy likes having her sister rub her belly so I just go along with it.
  • Sometimes if I don’t feel like sharing, I tell my kids I put “spicy powder” on whatever it is I’m eating or drinking. Everyone knows spicy powder is invisible.
  • Sometimes I use our dog, Audrey, as a babysitter by giving Avery a bunch of cheerios and telling her she can go in the laundry room and try to train Audrey or dress her up. Audrey is highly annoyed at me when I do this, but at least I get a few minutes of free childcare.
  • Sometimes Savvy is so quiet in her high chair that I will get into doing the dishes or reading an article and be completely surprised when I realize she’s still there like 20 minutes later, just waiting.
  • Sometimes I let my kids eat food that has fallen on the floor.

Mine are all mommy-related today but I’d love to hear any that you want to get off your chest. Do share!