Fox Mornings: 5 Cool Games You Haven’t Heard Of Yet (a must-read if you’re shopping for older kids)


This morning I ventured over to Fox Mornings to show off holiday games/gift ideas, perfect for big family gatherings. If you’ve ever read any of my behind-the-scenes posts, it will not come as a surprise to you that I woke up at with searing pain in my throat and virtually non-existent air access in my sinuses. Continue reading

It’s The Most Threatening Time Of The Year

A lot of parents have expressed the moral dilemma many of us feel about coming up with elaborate schemes to lead our children to believe in Santa for as long as possible, even after they start questioning you and the cracks creep into the foundation you’ve built of the excitement of Christmas morning. And of course Santa is not the “reason for the season” but when have you ever heard someone exclaim, “I felt just like a kid on the Lord’s birthday!” I remember the year I “found out” and honestly it was a let down, yet somehow I picked myself up and moved on with my 8 year old life.

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