KC Live: #EasterBasket Top Picks & Where To Get Them. (And When I’ll Be On TV Tomorrow To Tell You Why You Should Get Them.)

I’m headed to KC Live tomorrow to talk about why I love all of these non-sugary Easter Basket ideas for kids of all ages. I hope you tune in between 10am-11am on KSHB 41. It might be snowing in the Midwest but I’m planning to bring you all of the Spring vibes I can cram into a five minute segment…and we all know the hosts are going to have to politely hint that it’s time for me to stop talking several times before I pick up on it…just like all of my off-camera interactions.

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Happy Gifting: Mah faves from @StellaDotStyle

Gift time! Of course all of mine are Stella and Dot, because, duh, I’m obsessed with it.

The Clover Initials. Where do I even begin talking about how I feel about these? They are the anti-soccer mom initial jewelry. The ultimate chic-mommy personalization solution. A perfect alternative for those of us who like to have something distinctive but don’t like to look like we shop at the “Things Remembered” kiosk at the mall.

Clover initials

When designer Blythe Harris (formerly of LVMH…no big deal) gave us a sneak peek at Hoopla Convention last July, I was instantly in love. With her and the clover initials. She is a genius and so are the designs. I wear mine on a charm bracelet, but they are made to be so versatile you can wear them on a chain as a necklace or as a pair of dangle charms on the Orbit hoop earrings. I feel like these are such a chic way to do personalization and subtle enough for someone who has great style but just isn’t a big “jewelry person”.

clover alphabet

One of my other favorite things about the Fall and Holiday collections is that the pricing has changed so there is a huge range of affordable but really special, fresh, sparkly gifts. As a Stella and Dot Stylist, I choose my inventory based on whatever I want to wear so if I’m recommending it, it’s something that I own and love. I don’t talk about it nearly enough here, but if you are curious about what it’s like to be a Stylist, PLEASE for-the-love-of-a-50%-stylist-discount shoot me a message and I’ll try to answer all your questions about how it could fit into your busy ecosystem. I truly love it and it’s been a huge force of happiness in my life!

Holiday Collection Gift Ideas

You can get general information about being a Stylist and shop all of these under the Shop With Me tab, or via this link:


Tell me if you are loving the Clover Initials as much as I am!!!