Those Aren’t Your People

I know I said I’d post my TV segment details yesterday, but I have something else on my mind so that’s going to wait.

I recently spent a few days with our friends’ preteen daughters and they had lots of questions, everything from what I was like when I was their age to what I’d change about my appearance. They were so pure and yet so cautious of being judged. It got me thinking back. I once read something to the effect of, if you don’t have a weird friend, you are the weird friend. Continue reading

Living The Dream

Waking up from a dream is always such a mind-bender for a second. You’re either disappointed or relieved even though nothing in reality has changed, just your perspective.

So I had a fantastic dream last night, it made me feel so happy. Good dreams are so valuable and mysterious. It’s like there’s a little genie in your brain rewarding you, rolling out a magic carpet as he croons “I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLD…..”

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