Naptime Project: Painting Tile Backsplash

Since we moved into our “forever home” last summer, we’ve slowly but surely been compiling a huge list of remodels when the time comes. Not surprising, at the top of our list is our kitchen, followed by the master bathroom.

I myself, love an all white kitchen. In our old house I insisted we have the oak cabinets painted white (against the advice of the painter) and it was everything I dreamed it would be. One look at my Kitchen Board on Pinterest and you can see I have a “type.” Since the cabinets are custom and were newly refinished when we bought the house, we are not going to be making color changes anytime soon and the countertops will have to wait as well.

The backsplash is another story. The tile used for the kitchen backsplash is the same tile used in the Master bath, so it’s no wonder we want to change both. Yesterday morning I came across a blog of someone who actually painted the tile in their shower using outdoor floor paint, and I thought, Aha! I could do that to the backsplash!

Painting Tile Backsplash

2 coats later, I have a clean, bright white backsplash. It’s not the counter-to-ceiling subway tile of the future, but for a quick fix using paint I already had, I’m thrilled with the result!

Here is the before:

Kitchen 003

Here is the after!

Kitchen 020

Kitchen 019

Kitchen 018

Kitchen 005

The paint I used was Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover in Semi-Gloss White.

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Playroom Makeover + DIY Fireplace for Kids

 photo 2 (2)

Playroom BEFORE: It really had no focal point and the plastic storage bins always annoyed me. They are a necessary evil until I find a permanent storage solution I like.

photo 1

Playroom NOW:

photo 4

This outlet in the middle of the focal wall was a real eyesore not to mention safety hazard so I decided to use it as a starting point for my fireplace measurements.

photo 2

I used one of Avery’s preschool collages for the “fire” and backed it with thick paper and a velcro strip that I attached to the plastic over the outlet. This way if it gets ripped off it won’t tear and the outlet is still covered with the velcro strip so we can stick it right back on.

photo 3

I bought these sconces at a thrift shop for 25 cents each. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them but I just kind of liked the shapes. Turns out when spray painted white they made the perfect addition to my playroom fireplace 1 (2)

 I like the irony of using classic masterpieces to decorate a children’s playroom so I did a good old fashioned google search and picked a few of my favorites. My girls have a Degas over their fireplace and a Van Gogh in their dining room. I’ve been reading this book about art history and I would eventually like to create a Salon Wall of classics in their playroom.

photo 5

The project took me three hours from start to finish (including cleaning the playroom) and cost less than $10 if you include the sconces and velcro strips I used to hang everything. The paint was just leftover from our bar.

Hope you like our cozy little playroom.

photo 4