Disney and San Antonio Pictures (Part 2)

More pictures from our Disney trip and several days spent in San Antonio this summer. It was just the right combo of commercialism, education, history and family fun.

DISNEY 2015 141

DISNEY 2015 144

DISNEY 2015 146

DISNEY 2015 147

DISNEY 2015 152

DISNEY 2015 158

DISNEY 2015 164

DISNEY 2015 174

DISNEY 2015 176

DISNEY 2015 178

DISNEY 2015 181

DISNEY 2015 184

DISNEY 2015 188

“The sky’s awake! So I’m awake! Do you wanna built a snowman?”

DISNEY 2015 191

DISNEY 2015 192

DISNEY 2015 195

DISNEY 2015 201

DISNEY 2015 204

DISNEY 2015 206

DISNEY 2015 212

DISNEY 2015 219

DISNEY 2015 221

DISNEY 2015 222

DISNEY 2015 224

DISNEY 2015 225

DISNEY 2015 226

DISNEY 2015 229

DISNEY 2015 231

DISNEY 2015 233

Special shout out to the Grand Hyatt San Antonio Riverwalk for treating my kids like celebrities. They gave them cowboy hats upon arrival, turned on cartoons in the concierge suite where we had breakfast each morning, and sent up cookies and milk in a champagne bucket. They thought it was THE FANCIEST. (And so did I!)

Sister Wives: Savvy and Mommy’s trip to Orlando

The second week of December, Savvy and I headed down to Orlando for some much-needed girl time with my sorority sister Amanda and her daughter Mira.

Parenting tip #1: You are not allowed to bring your beer on the plane with you during family boarding.

Parenting tip #2: You will get some judgy looks if you then chug said beer, throw it in the trash, and hand the TSA agent your boarding pass.

Parenting tip #3: Lip gloss works as an effective, if messy, distraction tool on a flight. Toddlers in tiaras take note: rosy, voluptuous cheeks as an added bonus.

photo 1

The next day we had lunch in downtown Disney and strolled around the shops with the babies. Savannah must have sensed that there were some photo opportunities coming up because her posing game was en pointe.

photo 3

photo 2 (28)

photo 2

Spa Day at the Ritz for Amanda’s Birthday:

The Ritz Spa was the perfect venue choice for our girls day out in honor of Amanda’s birthday. We kicked off the morning with mani/pedis then headed over to the Ritz for a champagne toast on the terrace, followed by massages, followed by poolside drinks in the hot tub, followed by dinner al fresco at Rocco’s Tacos, followed by an Uber ride home from an Armenian smoothie-shop manager, followed by tv in bed in our jammies by 9pm. It was pretty much the dream.

Meanwhile Savvy and Mira were being pampered and having dance parties with not one, but two nannies. This is how they roll…

photo 4 (7)

“Bows up tell me how I’m lookin, bae”

Feeling Ritzy…

photo 4 (5)

Girls just wanna have champs.

I will note that this was the first time I have ever received a professional massage from a man. He called my name and I turned around to discover that he was what I can only describe as my dream version of myself as a beautiful-yet-masculine gay man. He was tall and fit, slender but not skinny. His hair had the most natural-looking unnatural blonde highlights. He had dreamy big brown eyes, a light golden tan, perfectly puffed lips, and not a wrinkle in sight. He was prettier than me on my prettiest day. I have no doubt the men all love him and the women all want to be him.

photo 3 (4)

photo 2 (5)

Christmas Mani never looked so good.

photo 3 (6)

photo 5 (6)

Refreshed and ready for tacos!

photo 4 (6)

Sunday was Amanda’s actual birthday and we spent the day with some of her family and friends at DisneyWorld. Savvy and Mira won’t remember it, but it was a warm December day that started in the Magic Kingdom and ended in Epcot at the Candle ceremony, a Christmas program narrated by the dad from Scandal. I found it unsettling to hear him reading these beautiful words, surrounded by a huge chorus dressed in robes because all I could think of was, B613.

(*whispers* “SCANDAL!”)

photo 4 (8)

Disney magic…

photo 3 (8)

Disney heartburn.

photo 5 (8)

Disney food coma.

photo 3 (7)

Disney diaper change.

photo 2 (8)

This is the play area where you wait “in line” for the dumbo ride while they give you a buzzer like at a restaurant. Genius!

photo 1 (7)

We took the girls on the iconic Dumbo ride. I still remember my first time at age 4!

We were in Orlando for five days, most of which were spent telling stories and talking about memories of Joe while laughing at our silly babies who were instant best buds. They were so sweet taking turns brushing eachothers hair and giving hugs and kisses. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what the week would hold, I just wanted to “be there.” What I found was that the moment you step into Amanda and Joe’s house you can feel his presence in a really comforting way. There are beautiful little signs all around…a plant spontaneously blooming, a shooting star in the sky, and of course a gorgeous little baby girl!

photo 1 (2)

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