Actual Things: Werk + The Auto Professor

Hi friends! I know it’s been a while and I’m sorry about that. About a month ago I got the opportunity to go back to work for the traffic engineering firm I worked for when I had Avery and it’s been a bumpy yet rewarding adventure for my new life as a non-preschooler Mommy while my girls are in school all day.

Actual things that have happened since I came back to a professional office environment:

  1. I came in one morning, put my lunch into the work fridge, then pointed my car keys at it and hit the lock button.
  2. Had it gently “brought to my attention” that someone anonymously complained to HR about the general volume and inflection of my normal speaking voice.
  3. Walked into the conference room mid-meeting, realized it was not the meeting I was supposed to be in, then silently pretended “getting an important email on my phone” so I could leave the room and go to my real meeting.
  4. Accidentally locked eyes with a coworker walking past my office while I was putting on deodorant. Then had to clarify that I was, in fact, putting on deodorant and didn’t just oddly have my hand halfway up my shirt.
  5. Tried to sit down in my office chair, but as I leaned into it the wheels started rolling backward resulting in a tricep dip position slow motion fall where I missed the edge and ended up on the floor under my desk.

Two of these five things literally happened today.

Speaking of traffic, I wanted to share with you guys a company I recently heard about called The Auto Professor, which gives car buyers safety ranking of their vehicles based on REAL-LIFE crash data. Obviously we want our loved ones to be as safe as possible, so check out’s new Auto Grades® system. It allows people to search for vehicle safety grades not only by make, model, and year, but also by their age and gender.

Go look up your own car, it’s actually pretty fun and addictive!





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