KC Live: Valentine Quality Time with Kids


Here are the details on the fabulous toys thanks to Educational Insights and Learning resources. Not only do they make great gifts, but they are great ways to promote quality time with your kiddos that doesn’t involve playing 20 games of Candy Land.

  1. Learning Resources Candy Construction is the perfect way to give candy for Valentine’s Day without the cavities. Age range: 4 years+ Available online: Amazon.com
  2. Learning Resources Smart Snacks® Shape Matching Cookies also brings the sweets but none of the sugar while teaching your young toddler fine motor skills and shape recognition. Age range: 2 years+ Available online: www.Amazon.com
  3. Educational Insights Playfoam Designables Princess Necklace set lets you get creative with a necklace you design yourself using 7 colors of no-mess Playfoam that doesn’t dry out. Age range: 3-6 (and UNDER $10 RIGHT NOW ON AMAZON!UNDER $10 RIGHT NOW ON AMAZON!)
  4. Educational Insights Baby Doux and Baby Bijoux dolls introduce a loving world of nurturing-based imaginative play and promote diversity with beautifully crafted high-quality European design features. Fun fact! The Bijoux dolls are made to look like real babies right down to being anatomically correct making them a great gift for a young child who is about to be a big brother or sister and wants to get some practice before the baby comes. Age range: 2-6 years Available online: www.Amazon.com
  5. Learning Resources’ Gears! Gears! Gears!® 100-Piece Deluxe Pink Building Set is perfect for kids who love to build, introducing them to the fun of engineering. Age range: 3 years+ Available online: www.Amazon.com



Toy Testers with the Candy Construction set


Sometimes divine inspiration comes from your everyday surroundings. Bust, Playfoam. 2018


How I show up for work.

IMG_6344 (2)

Gabbing with my fave.



Cannot for the life of me stop my mouth in time for the end of the segment.

Hearing from you always makes my day:

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