Fox Mornings: 5 Cool Games You Haven’t Heard Of Yet (a must-read if you’re shopping for older kids)


This morning I ventured over to Fox Mornings to show off holiday games/gift ideas, perfect for big family gatherings. If you’ve ever read any of my behind-the-scenes posts, it will not come as a surprise to you that I woke up at with searing pain in my throat and virtually non-existent air access in my sinuses. I ate a huge bite of leftover chocolate birthday cake, took a long swig of DayQuil, and headed to the station with a piping hot cup of tea. Luckily this time, I did not spill any of my drink in my eyeball.

Here’s what I love about the goodies I featured today and where to buy them:

Utter Nonsense at Target

Fabulous game if your family is full of goofballs and hams, which mine is. The naughty version is QUITE naughty, so play the family version while the Turkey cooks and play the naughty version with your fun siblings and cousins after the kids go to bed.

1,2,3 – Hex Herbie! at

Most games by HABA can be easily modified to be more or less challenging for the players, which is a versatility traditional board games don’t have. My favorite thing about this particular one is that everyone can play at once without waiting on others to take turns and instead of rolling dice you get to shake a crystal ball to find visual clues. Ideal for kids in the 5-9 year age range, but the games only take about ten minutes, which is great for adults that want to play but not get roped into a whole thing at the kids table. Because that wine isn’t going to drink itself.

Mental Blox Jr. Early Logic Game at

This is a logic game for preschool age children, which helps build a foundation for math skills with building blocks and shapes. I’m so grateful to Learning Resources for making toys my kids love that make me feel like a better mom because I know they’re actually learning while they play.

Kanoodle and Kanoodle Jr. at

I love that Kanoodle is small, inexpensive, has brain-building benefits and doesn’t require a charger. It’s a great gift idea for an adult or relative in your life who doesn’t really need anything but you want to get them something fun, or an older kid who would enjoy the challenge of working their way through the puzzle challenges.

Kanoodle Jr. is a MUST-HAVE if you have preschool-age little ones. It’s like tangible tetris (with no screen time) and helps your child build fine motor skills. The Jr. edition has bigger pieces for smaller hands and fits easily in a case that could be tossed in a purse.

Ice Cool at

This is what my grade-school age nephews are getting for Christmas! Don’t miss the five star reviews on Amazon. I love this for kids that are a little too old for traditional toys but a little young for clothes or gift cards.

I’ll try to post a clip of the segment. Here are some of the behind-the-scenes pictures:


Met the fabulous Katie of FarmFare in Weston, KS who’s pies are literally magazine-worthy works of art and can be ordered on her website. I also ate one of her Lemon Basil Pop-tarts for grown ups and it made my mouth so happy. I brought a few more home to try, so look for my upcoming review of which flavors pair best with DayQuil.



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