KC Live: Sick Beats, Hot Jamz, and Cool Holiday Toys (Must-Have List!)

So because something always seems to happen right before I’m booked for a segment, I was suspicious of how smoothly my morning was going. Then my four year old got out of bed to come say good morning and I realized she had cut her own hair into a mullet last night while the babysitter was over. Some people may view this as no big deal or a rite of passage, but I felt like I’d been kicked in the gut and I wanted to scream. Rightfully, Savvy was very ashamed and upset, but as I comforted and reassured her, my husband quietly and correctly saw that inside I was getting very close to having a stroke. As she shuffled off to find her doll, I could see the terror in his eyes as he braced himself for the white hot rage that was clearly steaming out of my pores. Luckily, there was no time for me to throw a fit, so I bottled it up to let it ferment like a fine wine and headed to the TV station.

As usual, everyone at KC Live was just as delightful as could be. They have the best team and talent and I feel so lucky each time I get to hang out in their world. My posse today was my husband and my friend Jane. After the show, Jane and I had lunch at Classic Cup on the Plaza, complete with champagne, because after all, it’s my birthday week.

Below you’ll find the segment, where to purchase, and some behind the scenes pictures.

Believe me when I say these toys should be at the TOP of your gift list; DROPMIX and Ultra Dash would be especially perfect for anyone hosting family over the holidays. Thank you to all of the companies for these fantastic finds!

DROPMIX at Amazon (Make sure you get extra card packs as well, you’ll be glad you did. I love this Hip Hop one.) (Under $80)

Ship of Treasures at Target (Under $20)

Catch the Fox at Amazon (Under $20) (My little 4 yo nephew already has this on his Christmas list by name.)

Soggy Doggy at ToysRUs and Amazon (Under $15)

Ultra Dash at ToysRUs  and Amazon (Under $15) (Excited to play this when the whole family is together for the holidays)



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