Dress Up Day with KC Designer Whitney Manney

I’ve been a fan of clothing designer Whitney Manney  since I saw her runway show at a Fashion For A Cause event several years ago. Her models walked to the song “You’re All I Need To Get By” by Aretha Franklin, which is one of my favorite songs of all time. (I have a grand romantic fantasy that someday I will get a surprise party and when I walk in there will be a gospel choir singing this song for me.) I immediately felt like a kindred spirit. The second thing I loved about her show is that the models wore trucker hats with crowns and the combo was completely over the top and right up my alley; her whole vibe just made me happy. I started following her on social media and we exchanged comments here and there. Recently I went to meet her in her eclectic Studio in Westport. For as bold as her designs are, her mannerisms are reserved. In her presence, it was painfully obvious to me that I’m much more of a babbling, 30-something JoCo mommy than an aloof fashion industry insider, but she has a quiet confidence that I respect and I left an even bigger fan of her creativity.


My favorite thing I learned is that as a fellow tall girl, she started sewing when she was young because she was sick of constantly outgrowing her clothes; obviously I could relate. Here are some pictures from our little meet up. I ended up buying the green/black halter and the black and white striped shirt. Both pieces are so chic and effortless. Definitely visit WhitneyManney.com to see all of her vibrant, happy creations. She even dabbles in Home Decor if that’s more your thing.

Thank you, Whitney, for the fun day of dress up. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.



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