Defying Gravity (And Better Judgement)

Once in college I went on a Greek leadership retreat where the team-building exercises were a series of ropes course activities, all involving heights. Long story short, they had to lower me by my harness down to the ground where I spent several minutes dry heaving in the fetal position in front of my horrified peers.

Which brings me to yesterday. Avery has discovered the rock wall at our gym. And she LOVES it. And she just assumed that I would love it too and excitedly said that we were going to do it together. So then as a mom you have a dilemma, right? Because you don’t want to disappoint your child and pass your own fears onto them, but you also don’t want to get in a God-forsaken harness ever again and risk puking from anxiety all over Lifetime Fitness.

Something about her fearless little face gave me a burst of courage and I’m proud to say we did it! Here’s the proof:











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