What Matters.

This is the actual conversation that just transpired between me and my 5 year old daughter as I cuddled her at bedtime…

Avery: “Mommy…”

Me: “Yes?”

Avery: “Will you put my hair in lots of tiny braids tomorrow?”

Me: “Uh, I can certainly try.”

Avery: “Yeah and with beads at the bottom.”

Me: “I don’t know if we have any beads, honey. Where did you see that?”

Avery: “A girl at my theater camp had them.”

Me: “Oh, cool. Is she Black?”

Avery: “No, Silly. She has brownish skin and pretty eyes and black hair and…well, it has braids and bumps in it, and she’s older than me and she’s nice to me. AND she has the BEAUTIFULEST shoes with hearts and flowers and peace signs on them…they light up!”

Just when I think I’m part of the progressive generation, I see through the eyes of a child who doesn’t have any idea what the colors “black and white” have to do with the friends she meets. And I hope she never does.

Also, as we all know…

Shoes matter.


Working on myself as a Human and Mother.


Avery Swinging





One thought on “What Matters.

  1. I feel like everyone could benefit from looking at the world like Avery does. So simple and sweet and pure what’s not to love!? Although I will admit my appreciation shoes really could use some work. Thank you for sharing!

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