The New Old Fashioned Way

It’s a NEW YEAR! NEW you! NEW NEW NEW! My inbox is assaulted with new things I can put into my life.
 What if I’m not in the mood for new? What if I am craving the old-and-still-good?

This year I am focusing on my family and my oldest friends. When you’re young you take for granted being able to drive over to someone’s house, or walking across the hall to their room, or seeing all your cousins together at the holidays. When you get older everything must be scheduled months in advance. Flights must be booked. Money must be saved. Babysitting arrangements must be made. It’s tempting to just keep texting and tagging in place of a real relationship, but this year I’m sick of it. I want my dearer nearer, and that’s that.
I’m not interested in a new diet. I am interested in gearing my health habits back to things I know make me feel good. For example, eating a daily vegetable would be a victory. Am I painting a picture of how low the bar is? You could trip over it.
I want more time with my husband like we spent before we had iPhones. Currently we are in a plural marriage with Clash of Clans and Pinterest. At first it was fun, but now it’s just crowded.
I used to love writing letters and I can’t tell you the last time I wrote one.  Where I used to send funny greeting cards, I’ve pretty much just fallen into the habit of texting an emoji face blowing a kiss to let someone know I’m thinking of them.
So my focus now is not on doing/learning/trying anything new. It’s about getting back to the old things I’ve let slip because of my “crazy busy” life.
Last one: I’m also outlawing “busy” from my vocabulary as an excuse. It’s just starting to sound A-holish to me. (Feel free to use “A-holish” in your vocabulary though.) And if I invite you somewhere and you can’t come, please don’t tell me how “busy” you are. Just send me an emoji face blowing a kiss. I’ll get the message.

3 thoughts on “The New Old Fashioned Way

  1. I find nothing beats a hand written love letter, it’s so perfectly old fashion. Soon a phone call will be just as sentimental, everyone just texts now.

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