#LT90DayChallenge : Progress Report

Here is my most recent progress picture. This is about 6 weeks in and after I took a two week hiatus from weightlifting while I was on vacation. My weight is down 6 lbs without cutting calories but my body fat is at 21.9% (up from 21.6% at my last progress post.)

Progress Update Blog

I’m really happy with the definition I’m seeing in my abs. The weird thing about a post-baby body is that some days I look down and I have a pooch that makes me do a doubletake, like, WTF am I three months pregnant?! Moms, what is up with that?! Like my ab muscles are disgruntled workers and they go, f*** this, she put us through enough, I’m goin’ out. I’ll clock in in the morning.

Then other days when I’ve been eating “clean,” I look back at pictures from before I had children and I think I look better now. Here I am on my honeymoon when I was 24, and I think I look a lot stronger today at age 30.

Honeymoon Fitness

(Sorry for the blurry pictures, I promise to take better ones at the end of the 90 days.)

Anyway, what I learned on vacation is that my best defense is a good diet. Although I only worked out once or twice, I made a conscious effort to eat sensibly MOST of the time (think, hamburger without the bun, order two chicken tacos but only eat one tortilla with all the chicken, etc)

I saw this on Pinterest and it really rings true for my experience the past few weeks.


This week I’ve been back in the gym and back at the weights. It feels awesome. I’m planning to dial back in for the remainder of the 90 days, but I’m already so happy with the changes in lifestyle I’ve made in this process. My husband and I have completely revamped the way we grocery shop and cook. I can’t wait to show you his progress pictures at the end!!!

And on a personal note…

Not all of my feedback from you guys about this endeavor has been positive; some insinuate that I’m setting a bad example for my daughters by focusing on my appearance. Body image is a touchy issue and I’m obviously not a fitness blogger, but I do blog about my thoughts and my life because I figure if I’m interested in a topic, there are other moms out there who are too. I’m glad you guys read and comment, even when you don’t agree, because that’s the whole point of sharing my real life with you. Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing!

4 thoughts on “#LT90DayChallenge : Progress Report

  1. As an engaged reader, fellow mom of an impressionable girl, and dear friend I believe it’s wholly possible to be fit and set a good example for your daughters. If you keep your focus on fitness and physical/mental health as opposed to “OMG I’m so fat”, I say you’re doing great! What I learned is I can NEVER go swimsuit shopping with my daughter. I can’t hide the disgust and that’s not something I’m interested in teaching her. Someday when I’m all grown up and in my Happy To Be Me Barbie swimsuit she’s welcome to come along 🙂

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