Disney Pictures (Part 1)

Happy LAST SUMMER WEEKEND friends! We just got back from a long vacation to Orlando and San Antonio. I am brimming with ideas for posts with tips I figured out on packing, traveling, and doing Disney with toddlers so keep sending me your questions!

We went to my sorority sister Amanda’s new house. Did you see the gorgeous spread she had that I posted on Instagram? It was beyond amazing. The Pesto Gouda cheese was the best thing I’ve ever eaten. As everyone knows, when you have a bunch of toddlers around and it suddenly gets quiet, that’s when you worry. Avery alerted us to the fact that Savvy and Mira were in Amanda’s bathroom getting into the lotion. Savvy was eating it, which is why it’s all over her mouth. I love how busted they look. It’s probably exactly how Amanda and I looked many times in college. (Also how cute and perfect is the shower mat!)

DISNEY 2015 040

As soon as I walked into her beautiful new place I just felt so relaxed. It was gorgeous, airy and as always, she’s the hostess with the mostess. She had sparkling white wine for me, beer for Kevin AND a fancy cup for him to use…

DISNEY 2015 043

DISNEY 2015 048

DISNEY 2015 049

“I will out-drink all you bitches.”

We ended up letting the kids stay up super late because I didn’t want to leave. Look at these cute future Deltas expertly posing:DISNEY 2015 047

The next morning when we got up, we wanted to go to the beach but with Hurricane Ericka looming, we thought it would be better to stay near the hotel so we went to the Magic Kingdom. Kevin and I were super dorky/giddy/excited and took great pleasure in leading the girls to believe we were going somewhere low-key and they would need to “make the most of it.”

This is them before they realized where we were:DISNEY 2015 051

This is them when they realized they were at “Rella’s Castle!”DISNEY 2015 052

It took a few minutes to sink in, but it was such an awesome moment when they realized we were at Disney World. If they were any older we wouldn’t have been able to surprise them.DISNEY 2015 054

DISNEY 2015 055

DISNEY 2015 056

DISNEY 2015 058

DISNEY 2015 059

DISNEY 2015 066

Obligatory Disney meltdown before passing out in the stroller.

DISNEY 2015 075

Parade time! I actually got teary-eyed it was so wonderful.

DISNEY 2015 078

DISNEY 2015 080

DISNEY 2015 082

DISNEY 2015 086

DISNEY 2015 098

DISNEY 2015 099

DISNEY 2015 107

DISNEY 2015 110

DISNEY 2015 122

DISNEY 2015 128

DISNEY 2015 130

DISNEY 2015 131

Unfortunately they had to cancel the light parade because of rain. We got back to the car SOAKING wet, but super happy!

Can’t wait to share more pictures with you after the weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic labor day planned.

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