#LT90DayChallenge : The First Two Weeks

This is the first I’m posting about it, but my hubby and I are competing in the 90 day challenge at Lifetime Fitness. He’s doing the Weightloss Challenge and I’m doing the Transformation Challenge, which means they judge my change in body fat because I already have a healthy BMI.

Over the winter I put on about 15 lbs of mush, all around my middle, because that’s ‘how I rolls.’ (Sorry.) When I weighed in I was surprised to see that my body fat had skyrocketed to 24.6% from the 19-20% it’s always been since I had Savvy! Like anyone, I love a before and after picture, just not of myself…but what’s the point of this if I don’t show AND tell…

Before After 14 Days

Side note: isn’t it funny how small and tight my swimsuit bottoms look in the first picture compared to the second? Talk about holding on for dear life!

I am thrilled to have already changed my body fat percentage so much over the first 2 weeks, but for a little perspective, this is a picture of me last year at about 18%:

Mrs Kansas Mommy - Goal

My goal is to get to 17% body fat in the next 75 days by following a mainly low-carb diet and adding weight-training four days per week.

At the gym I’m usually a flip-through-Us-Weekly-on-the-elliptical kind of girl, so this weightlifting thing is new to me. I look like George Banks at the gym in the beginning of Father of the Bride Part II. (And if you get that reference, please comment because we are probably soulmates. I can’t even find it anywhere on the internet.)

I am tall (5’9″) so my plan is to eat anywhere from 1500-1800 calories per day depending on my workouts. These are the foods I eat in various combinations:

LT Challenge

LT Workout Sample Week

I also do a lot of squats at home and light conditioning while I’m watching TV.

You know what really annoys me about celebrities? When they’re like, “Oh, I just stay in shape by eating right and keeping up with my kids!” Really? Because I’m pretty sure you have a nanny doing that anyway and the rest of us with our kids ALL DAY LONG are not ripped.



One thought on “#LT90DayChallenge : The First Two Weeks

  1. You look great…but you looked amazing before you even started 😉. I hope I have half of your motivation after this baby comes!

    Ps: I totally get the George Banks comment. Love that movie!

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