Today was a long day. Not because anything dramatic happened. There was no major property damage or medical emergency. It was just one of those days.

At the dinner table the kids were loud and pouty, magnifying the fact that there was zero conversation.

I carried Savvy upstairs for bed with complaints, doubts and criticism of myself and everyone else circling through my head.

Every night when I put Savvy in her crib, she pats the pillow next to her and says, “scuggle, please” so I crawl in over the side to snuggle and we hold hands and give little kisses in between the songs I sing to her. She tries to sing along as best she can, usually singing the rhyming words at the end of each phrase right after I do. Her current favorite is Hush, Little Baby.

Tonight, it resonated with me as a metaphor for my day. (And not just the part about bribing your child to be quiet, although I did that today as well.) For me, it was a comforting message that even when your day feels like one big sequence of frustrations, when it’s not what you planned and your backups need backups, you can still end it on a peaceful note if you remember you have someone to love and you are loved in return.

So I’m quieting all the noise in my head leftover from today and writing this love letter to you. Even if your day sucked and you weren’t your best, your baby still thinks you’re the sweetest little Mommy in town. And that’s something.

Hush Little Mommy

Hearing from you always makes my day:

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