5 Women You Should Follow On Instagram. Right Now.

If you’re not obsessed with these 5 women and following them on Instagram, I don’t even know you anymore.

GIRLCRUSH women you should follow on Instagram

Aidy Bryant. My favorite SNL girl. Follow her for cute travel pictures, hilarious captions AND links to unaired SNL skits that get cut for time.

GIRLCRUSH Aidy Bryant Instagram

“I’m a model and I’m letting it really change me!”

And if you haven’t seen these two skits she was in, you must watch them now:

The Worst Lady On An Airplane

Waterbed Warehouse

Amy Schumer. It took me a while to get on her “bandwagon” so to speak, because I had always heard she was a vulgar, sex comic. Once I started watching her show I saw her really funny, sophisticated point of view on how women are treated in the media. Follow her for lots of red carpet looks and her candid commentary. She’s funny because she’s SMART! And we need more of that.

GIRLCRUSH Amy Schumer Instagram

“I guess I am perfect.”

Jessica Seinfeld. I have a major crush on this woman! I love everything from her home to her recipes to her outlook on life and how to humbly raise your children. I love getting sneak peeks of her beautiful kitchen in the background of her selfies!

GIRLCRUSH Jess Seinfeld Instagram

Also she shares funny things from around the web like THIS.

Lena Dunham. I haven’t watched her show or read her book. I don’t agree with her politics or love her fashion, but gosh darnit there is something so free spirited and attractive to me about her confidence! She’s a remarkable human and she makes me feel better about myself because she’s obviously so true to herself.

GIRLCRUSH Lena Dunham Instagram


Mindy Kaling. The Mindy Project is one of the few shows I will rewatch because it’s just that good. Her book is a must read if you haven’t already and I can’t wait until her new book comes out! Follow her for funny, behind-the-scenes moments and hilarious text message screen captures. She’s the real deal and her Instagram seems so authentic it allows me to keep pretending we are besties in my head.

GIRLCRUSH Mindy Kaling Instagram

“Telling me I have no dance ability or natural charisma…”



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