A few things I’ve learned since becoming a Mom.

1. I never guessed how often I’d have to choose between personal hygiene and productivity (aka everything else). For example, today was a rare day when I woke up before my kids. With the glee of a child on Christmas morning, I tiptoed into my bathroom to put whitestrips on my teeth, a mud mask on my face, and bask in the (literal) shower of hot water on Redken deep-conditioned hair.

When I got out I heard a raspy little voice calling “Mooooom.” I expected a sleepy Avery to walk in, but instead I found my 3-year-old already nestled in a King-sized cloud of my white bedding, eyes still closed, telling me “It’s shushing time” in the snarky tone of a hungover business-class traveler. Um, where was this person when I was on my third round of “Hush Little Avery” last night, or as she refers to it, “the diamond ring song.”

2. Along those lines, I care more about how I look than before. This could be an age thing, but gone are the days when I would roll over to CVS in cotton shorts (remember Soffe shorts?) and a homecoming T-shirt with last night’s makeup. I have something to prove now. I’m someone’s mother, thank you very much.

3. I still have a “language” problem. I’ve managed to temper my expressions a lot since Avery started preschool, but yesterday her little sister was getting into a drawer of my makeup and I heard her yell, “What the HELL, Savvy?”

Apparently I have a little more work to do on this front.

I can’t wait to blog about my Galentine’s Day Weekend with my besties in Naples and I promise I will get to that as soon as I can, but for now, my boss is up and she wants mini pancakes.

I leave you with the best #TBT of all time, then and now: 10 Years Later.

TBT Naples

4 thoughts on “A few things I’ve learned since becoming a Mom.

  1. Hahaha this post cracks me up…I am soooo with you on all of these things!

    Ahhh Soffe shorts! Can’t lie about those shorts, I still love them….but I only them around the house and garden (why didn’t I ever realize how short they really are?!).

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