She’ll be here all week, folks.

This morning the girls and I got up and dressed for the day. Avery (3) expertly styled me in a white T-shirt, an Anna ring from her Frozen Collection, a Best Friends beaded bracelet, and she even brushed my hair and applied some sparkle lipgloss. Needless to say, I’m ready for my close up.

As soon as we got to the kitchen she requested “chocolate milk, warmed, in a mug, with a straw. Please.”

I started going through the steps of preparing breakfast and apparently I wasn’t going fast enough for her, so she asked again. And again.

As I ripped into a box of frozen mini pancakes, I said to her, “Look, Avery, I can only do two things at a time, here. I can microwave these pancakes, make chocolate milk, or look fabulous. And I’m already doing two, so the chocolate milk will have to wait.”

She gave me a little smirk to let me know she knew I was being sarcastic and after a pause she said to me, “We love you Miss Hannigan.”


My 3 year old is officially funnier than me.

Avery Jean

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