My husband and I rang in the New Year by waking up several times during the night to care for a whimpering 3 year old with an ear infection. I admit, I briefly felt sorry for myself. It reminded me of all the posts I’ve seen on social media this flu season. It seems like a lot of people choose to fire off a post for every low-grade fever or sinus infection to hit anyone in their household. And then all these other people are like, “I’m praying for you and your whole family!” Maybe, hopefully, all these people who write that are actually praying for each other when they get the common cold, but I question how many times it’s used as a canned response. Granted, I’m in a bit of a sensitive state having just lost a friend to colon cancer, but it all seems a little dramatic to me.

I understand feeling like the world is on hold when your own baby is sick and you are craving support through the wee hours that only your fellow mamas can provide. I also understand asking for your friends to pray for you when you need support. Those aren’t the posts I’m talking about.

I’m talking about those people who constantly go out of their way to tell everyone they know via social media that they were on the toilet all night or how many different kinds of Nyquil they have on their nightstand or saying “#FML” because they have a headache and they’re out of Advil. Some people are so cavalier about announcing minor discomforts on Facebook; can you imagine if people with significant chronic or terminal health issues did this?

“Welp, cancer struck the Mitchel Family just in time for Christmas! Happy Holidays to us!”

“Missed a big meeting. Thanks, ALS. #HereWeGo”

“Ugh, Bob got Ebola. #MondaysSuck”

We’d all be like, ummmm…you’re making us uncomfortable.

So if you get the sniffles and want some sympathy, all I ask is that you end it with #healthypeopleproblems (or if you’re in a rush or just very hip #healthypplprobz) to let us know that you are most likely going to be okay. Either way, just know that I may or may not be praying for you.

Happy New Year!

*steps off soapbox.

Hearing from you always makes my day:

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