Happy Home: Dining Room Makeover

When we moved into our home a few months ago, I instantly had a plan for almost every room in the house…except the dining room. I had a vague idea in my head of blue walls and gold frames, but no real vision. Everything recently came together when my husband found me some gorgeous original oil paintings at an auction. They screamed formal dining room at me and I knew I had to have them, particularly one very large parlor scene. Let me tell you, buying through an auction is not for the faint of heart! I could feel myself get more and more attached to the painting as the bids went up. In the end, we would have paid much more for it so we feel like we got a steal!

As we found with our basement bar project, Behr paint is so good you only need one coat…no primer. That is a major plus for me because by the time everything is taped and we are half way through painting I am always so over it. I’m actually not that into home improvement, I just suck it up and try do get things done as quickly as possible. To make our dining room feel cozy and define it as a separate space, we chose the color Starless Night by Behr.

Here are the various BEFORE pictures:

August 2014 039

op before 4

op house before 3

photo 3 (18)

Here is our Dining room NOW:

unnamed (10)

unnamed (8) unnamed (9)

unnamed (11)

unnamed (12)unnamed (13)

In time, I’d love to collect even more art to fill up the salon wall, take out the carpet, upgrade the chandelier and hang some long, heavy drapes. Call me crazy, but I’m thinking leopard print. For now we are going to enjoy our holidays filling our dining room with candlelight, family, friends, and of course food.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the look!

3 thoughts on “Happy Home: Dining Room Makeover

  1. I love navy and gold!! I’ve been trying to convince my husband for our next house:) I like deep colors, though. The painting looks great!

  2. I’m thinking of using navy for my dining room and wondering if you still like it. I’m concerned about it looking like a black hole at night. Thoughts?

    • Hi Erin! I really need to do an update on this post because I recently had a chair rail put in and had the bottom half painted white to match the trim. I still LOVE the Starless Night and I love how formal it feels and get compliments all the time. The lighting thing is an interesting question. Eventually I will replace our chandelier with something more sparkly and ideally we would put in a dimmer. It’s just a little TOO bright in the room at night with the overhead light on (kills the moodiness of the room) and the buffet lamps aren’t enough to light the whole room when it’s dark out. I’m going to add some ivory colored drapes as well which I think will help add balance. I’ll try to get some updated pictures up this week! 🙂

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