What were you inking?

This is the part where I offend you: I don’t care for tattoos.

Lots of people I love have tattoos but it’s just not in the cards for me. It’s possible this is my own personal childhood issue because when I was ten my dad made me PROMISE never to get any tattoos. He never said what would happen if I did, but I assumed it was something horrifying like withholding unearned praise or cancelling the Disney Channel.

So cut to this morning when I was on Pinterest, I accidentally happened upon the “Tattoos” category and it did not take long for me to start compiling a few of what I deem to be the WORST ideas for tattoos on Pinterest. Some of these I found humorous because of the tattoo itself, others for the comment by the Pinner. I didn’t include any of the individual Pinner info but trust me, you can find all of these just by clicking on the category. No formal search terms necessary. Even if you have a tattoo (did I mention yours is totally rad?!) hopefully you can concede that these particular pictures are not exactly winners.

So without further apologies or ado…


What I imagine as a balding man’s well-worn, sweat-stained hat and some stinky boots – the perfect way to forever capture the delicate balance of the dance of life.

cat lady

It’s all in the pose. You say “Hopeless Romantic” I see “Cat Lady! Meow!”


“Every time I get another tattoo, it’s like a little F-you to anyone who told me not to.” Saying F-you to someone who made an idle comment is ALWAYS a good reason to make a permanent decision.


For example, the reason I got this tattoo is because I was too lazy to get the whole thing spelled out. See my other tattoos…on my lip: “lol”…my back “brb”…and on my butt “lmao”.


Just ew.

for mom

Note to my children: wanna know a great way to honor your mother? Don’t get a freaking tattoo. “Avery, why do you have that wine bottle on your wrist?” “Oh, it just reminds me of my mom. She really loved them.”


“I am flawed if I am not free.” Does anyone else feel this may send the wrong message as she’s being corseted into a wedding gown?


Maybe if it were a name like Dylan or Giovani, but for some reason the idea of the name “Jeff” as a tattoo strikes me as funny. I feel the same way about the name “Kevin”…

lost pets

Proving the idea that the “Crazy Dog Lady” does not get enough attention in mainstream media. “To commemorate the lifespan of my pet, I shall get a tattoo of an angel version of him. On my head.”

smile if you love sideboob

Smile if you love side boob.


Am I the only one who automatically thinks of the 2009 E-Trade Superbowl commercial when I see this? “What, I can’t flex the golden pipes?”

through his heart

Um, the way to a man’s heart?


Follow up question, does your uncle have to notify people when he moves to a new neighborhood?


Yes, “beautifully touching” that this mother and daughter will grow old together in what I can only assume to be a less classy version of Grey Gardens.


Hearing from you always makes my day:

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