Beachy + Bleachy (and a quick thought on #Selfies) (Updated)

I don’t know if it’s just the fact that I’m turning 30 next month or what, but lately I’ve been feeling a little older and bolder. After I got my long hair cut off and ditched the extensions, I decided it was time to get the blonde turned waaaay up! Even though it’s fall and most people are getting low lights, I have always thought there is something so chic about a girl in all black rocking a fierce shade of beached blonde.

Enter Silver Shampoo. My natural hair color has a lot of red in it so when I go blonder it tends to pull that gold color out when it starts to fade. Which used to drive me crazy until I found THIS at my local Ulta:

photo 5

After using it just ONE time it completely got rid of the brassy tone that was bothering me in certain light, especially at my roots. Here is a picture that I loved but I had to use a filter on it because I didn’t like how golden my hair was looking. This is without the filter. A little too Pam-Anderson-In-The-90’s. Before

Here are some pictures after I used the Silver Shampoo ONE time. Major difference! The best part is that it only costs about $10 which is way cheaper than going back to the salon to have it re-toned.

photo 3 (3) photo 3

Another trick I like to do is spray dry shampoo directly onto the roots at your part. It adds just enough of a dusting that it tones down any difference between your roots and the pre-colored strands. As everyone knows, my favorite dry shampoo is Suave and they totally rock because they randomly sent me a free case of it after I posted about it on the blog one time. I have no idea how they even found it. I’ve tried all varieties now and to tell you the truth, the only difference I notice is the smell. They all smell good, just have distinctive scents. Regular old yellow-cap is still my favorite.


And one final thought. This morning I was watching the Today Show and they did a segment on the University of Georgia conducting a study on Selfies. The possible reasons people take selfies were mentioned as things like vanity, narcissism, social validation…um, what about convenience? A lot of us taking selfies aren’t doing it because we are vain (that’s just a coincidence in my case) we just have really short, uncoordinated kids. Back me up, Moms.

UPDATE: I didn’t anticipate how many of you would contact me about actually want to go out and buy/try this Silver Shampoo. Just as an FYI, when I applied it, I applied it to the roots of my DRY hair like you would a color and let it sit for about 5 minutes, then I got in the shower and lathered it up. Hope you get the fantastic results I did!

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