Ode to 2003 + a playlist

I recently saw on Facebook that my college Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois is planning a major renovation which includes demolishing Hessler Hall where I lived for one glorious semester in 2003. So I started looking back…

ode to 2003

I’m open about the fact that I ended up at Millikin because I pathetically followed my High School boyfriend to college. He got a scholarship and went to play football there and when I went on a campus visit with him I just loved it. I already had a roommate assignment at a different college but somehow I got out of it and into the Freshman Honors Program at Millikin. Ironically, my husband also went on a visit to Millikin University to check out their football team but we didn’t run into eachother because at that time I was in Junior High. This is why, when he brings up his college days, I like to shout, “tell us a story, Grandpa!” It’s hilarious and adorable every time. (To me.)

Anyway, it didn’t work out with the freshman year boyfriend but that year I did actually meet not one, but TWO loves of my life…these little biscuits right here, aka Lauren and Jess. Aren’t they pretty? The stories I could tell. Gosh I love them so much.


I’ll do a brief, self-indulgent synopsis. Lauren and I met where a lot of blonde sorority girls meet…in remedial math class. I had gotten up early to hot roll my hair and pick out my “Millikin Blue” sweater which I wore with majorly tight, verging on bell-bottom pants and sandals. She was wearing overalls with a black T-shirt and Tommy Hilfiger socks.  And since it was an early class she was really grumpy. Also she may have been hungover. I thought she was the coolest person in the world. I still do.

I met Jessica when we both pledged Tri Delta. I didn’t know her well at all when she came up to me one day in the cafeteria and announced that she thought I should break up with my boyfriend. She said she could just tell from her observations that it wasn’t really working out. I thought she was slightly crazy and a little rude. I was also completely amused and couldn’t wait to find out what she was going to say out loud next. To this day, I still feel that way about her.

Back to Hessler…

There were 8 of us girls from my pledge class who lived there in 2003, including Lauren and Jess. If you put my funny stories in a pie chart I think like 20% would be from those 4 months in Hessler Hall.

So for a very special #TBT Tribute to Hessler Hall, here is my 2003 Nostalgia Play List. May it take you back to a simpler time. A time when Nick and Jessica were Newlyweds. A time when Tina and Amy were still on SNL. A time when we wore logos on butts.

Happy #TBT 2003 Playlist:

Get Low by Lil’ Jon

In Da Club by 50 Cent

Ignition by R. Kelly

Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crowe

Shake Ya Tailfeather by Nelly

Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake

The Remedy by Jason Mraz


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One thought on “Ode to 2003 + a playlist

  1. I knew I liked you, but this playlist makes me love you! Awesome! I’m friends with Kathleen Markham and will (hopefully) be at her party next week, see you there!

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