Ponchos: Not Just For Chubby Days

When I was a sophomore in college I put on a few extra pounds first semester. I blame Tostitos for coming out with those Lime flavored tortilla chips. So I came home for Christmas and my mom had purchased a huge, brown “one-size-fits-all” poncho for me…wait for it…from The Dress Barn. Nothing about the name Dress Barn would make me want to wear anything from there (then or now) and the fact that it was a poncho just added to the insult.

I wish I had an old picture of me in that poncho because after I got over the initial shock and humiliation (and cut the Dress Barn tag out) I ended up loving it. I wore it all the time. If I paired it with my sunglasses I actually kind of felt bohemian and chic like a Newlywed’s-era Jessica Simpson.

I bought a new poncho last month that I was excited to wear and I finally did on a random warm day in January. Leaving the house without a coat helps alleviate my winter depression and I can actually forget for a few hours that there is probably a giant snowstorm looming two months away. (Maybe it’s just me, but the other day I was too lazy to face the gym in the cold so Avery and I just did runway walking around our living room to RuPaul on repeat. That counts as cardio, right?)

Avery and I each have several ponchos in different colors. She loves wearing this striped one and always rocks it hood-up which I think is a bold choice.

Avery’s ensemble

Poncho and leggings: Carter’s

Boots: Old Navy

Here is “vintage” Avery in a Children’s Place poncho that she still wears.


I bought this poncho from The Bungalow Boutique in Louisburg, Kansas. It’s a lightweight knit with a hint of metallic thread.


My ensemble

Poncho: Bungalow Boutique

Jeans & Booties: Macy’s

Jewelry: MY Stella and Dot

Bag: LV

Sunglasses: Target

Bonus: Ponchos always fit – even post holidays!



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