Pageant Weekend 2014 (Red, White and Glitter)

Historic Missouri Theater

I have been so excited to post about yet another fabulous pageant weekend! This year it coincided with my Go Blog Social weekend so I was a busy bunny. Sunday afternoon I went to the Pepperologie brunch with Jessie Artigue at The Farm House in Rivermarket and from there I went straight to Missy’s house to get sequined up. (Missy is Mrs. Missouri 2010 and my pseudo big sister.) She just had a gorgeous baby girl a few weeks ago so she didn’t end up going to the pageant with me but she did take a few outfit pics for me and let me snuggle her baby Remington. Lately Avery and Savvy and I are like their weird roommates who are always just dropping in to say hi and staying for five hours.


A quick look back:


Did anyone else notice that I’m pregnant every other year? Who knows what 2015 will bring! Here I am glammed up for 2014 in a sequin dress from Cache, Shoes by Lela Rose, and Necklace is the Medina Bib by Stella and Dot

Stage before GO TIME!

As everyone knows, the opening number dance is my FAVORITE part of the pageant, because it’s the most fun to watch. I have to say this year I was somewhat disappointed. I don’t know if it was the fact that the choreography was too easy or maybe all of them were just super talented dancers, but they all actually looked pretty cute and sassy, rather than awkward and mortified like I probably looked (I don’t know, I’ve never watched the recording.) I do have this nice memento of my incompetence though…

Why was I doing the robot???

I snuck back stage right before the start of the show to get some candid shots of the girls waiting in the wings. Of course they were all composed and photo ready!

Behind-the-Scenes sneak peek right before opening number!
Opening Dance Number
Hot Mamas!
I really loved this gown and wish I had a better picture of it. It had a slit up one side for major sexiness!
With a contestant and the most delightful judge, a true Southern lady from Tennessee. I know 4 pageant women from Tennessee and they are all inexplicably elegant, smart, creative, classy, and stunningly gorgeous. There must be something in the Bourbon!
My friend Mallory Landry won Mrs. Missouri 2014! I first met her when I was pregnant with Avery and she was competing in 2011. I complimented her on her bikini bod and I almost died of jealousy when she said she had a 9 month old baby at home. I was like, teach me your waaays! She was actually a huge inspiration to me for getting in shape and staying in shape with my second baby. Thanks, Mal! I’m so happy for you!
This little cutie is the one and only Rachel Karwas who, throughout her reign as Mrs. Kansas has graciously volunteered her time (and gorgeous face!) for various charity causes I have roped her into and even posted a #JoeStrong picture for my friend. Look for her How Does She Do It feature coming up in the next few weeks. You do not want to miss her recommendations on abs and arms. She’s got celeb shoulders!
Last but not least, the STUNNING Mrs. Kansas 2014 Kristie Bowen!

As a sponsor of the pageant this year, I am going to be outfitting these ladies in some Stella and Dot must-haves and I am so looking forward to getting to know them even more. Having the Go Blog Social conference and the Pageant back-to-back in one weekend was so inspiring. I feel grateful to be a part of both of these crazy fun sub-cultures. It makes me so happy to know that there are classy, cool, smart women out there who are interested in making the world a better place and making themselves better people. The whole weekend made me feel proud that I am taking steps to make a life I truly feel grateful to be living.

Watch Over You Charm

I took a tour of the Veterans Hospital yesterday for Junior League and I almost didn’t go into one of the rooms because there was a nurse in there, but for some reason I felt a nudge that I should go in. This man was incredible. He was the male version of Sweet Brown. As he told me about his time in the service, I was hanging on his every word. He told me, life is all about choices. Even if you don’t choose exactly what happens to you in life, you choose how you deal with it. He said he doesn’t blame anyone else for what has happened in his life because he made all the choices to get there and he chooses to be happy he’s alive, even if he’s in a hospital bed 24 hours a day. It sounded so much better in his voice, because he was really animated and would throw a “Lawd, child” or a “Lawd, Jesus, thank you Jesus” in there periodically. He was fantastic. I told him I was so glad that I met him and that I was going to put his advice in my blog. As part of our tour, the Junior Leaguers handed out little flags that said ‘Thank you for your service from Junior League of Kansas City.’ At first I felt really pathetic handing him a little flag, but this man clutched it to his chest and he said, “This is my love flag. I love it. Thank you.” I realized that the flag was not intended to be a thank you gift for their service, it was a symbol of the idea that we cared, we felt honored to be in their presence, and that these soldiers were not forgotten just because they are no longer serving.

Just like the bloggers and pageant women who reminded me that life is about becoming the person you want to be and never losing yourself along the way, this man reminded me to go make some choices toward having a big life. And Lawd Jesus, thank you Jesus!

Hearing from you always makes my day:

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