Next-Day Hair

Next-Day Hair


I have ALWAYS been a big hair girl. Even when I was in college I would get up early to set my hair in hot rollers before class. (Um, no I did not go to college in the 1980s, and yes, everyone thought it was weird.) I used to go for the perfectly-bouncy-pageant-hair look in my every day life, but lately I’ve been kind of bored with that so I’ve only been half-curling each piece. The result is that even if you just washed your hair it has that cool beachy glam texture. It also gives you lots of volume without having to use a teasing comb. (And this is huge for me because I do not leave home without my teasing comb. I’m actually shocked that I have gotten onto so many airplanes post 9-11 because the one that I use has four long sharp metal prongs on one end and a triple row of teeth on the other end. More on teasing later.)


For now, this is my simple routine for Next-Day hair. It can be washed or unwashed to start. It doesn’t matter because you add a lot of product either way. I pictured what I actually used in the photo. My pageant hair guy got me hooked on Kenra products. I always buy them at Beauty Brands.



Step 1. Flip your head over and spray alllll over your roots with the dry shampoo. Spray a lot because this is what keeps you from having to use a teasing comb. Volume is key. Otherwise your hair will look stringy.


Step 2. Spray your entire head/hair with thermal spray.


You should now look like Catherine O’Hara in Waiting for Guffman. (50 extra cool points for anyone who gets that reference.)


Step 3. Take random 2-3 inch sections and spiral curl away from your face, leaving out the bottom inch until you don’t have anymore straight pieces.


It should look like this:


Step 4: BEFORE you separate your curls, flip your head over again and spray your whole head with hairspray.


When you flip your head back over you should have a HUGE mane of hair. You should then be able to use just your fingers to tame it into place without deflating the volume or separating the curls too much.


Then just add a statement necklace and you are a good-to-go-glam Mommy!

 (Pictured here is the Mae with the Somervell from my Stella and Dot)


Now go watch Waiting for Guffman!

Catherine O’Hara as Shiela Albertson


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