Maskcara/Marissa Miller Hair Tutorial Day

Hey y’all! It’s a BIG HAIR DAY. Even for me. My kids were being unusually unclingy while I was getting ready today so I decided to try this Marissa Miller hair tutorial I watched yesterday on Maskcara’s blog. You can see what I was going for HERE. Maskcara is my. favorite. blog. ever. Unlike a lot of blogs I follow or recommend, I don’t actually know her personally, I just found her on Pinterest one day and got hooked. If you are not reading her blog you are probably only rocking up to 80% of your full potential because she is an EXPERT and gives amazing, easy tips that anyone can do. 

Let’s start with a lowly mirror selfie, shall we? (I was just glad to get one where no kids were naked in the background.) So, first thing was add hair extensions.

I have a lot of hair anyway so when you clip in extensions it becomes massive. I feel like it actually photographs smaller than it looks in person.

Then I followed her bombshell makeup tutorial only I didn’t have fake lashes. I like how it turned out though! As always, these are just iPhone pictures in natural daylight. No other filters or touch ups. (Do I sound like Zoolander by saying that? To be like, oh I know you all are thinking this is photo shopped because I look really really really ridiculously good-looking, but no… now I feel the need to be like, I’m actually a horrible troll, but thanks to Maskcara’s make up techniques I can show my face in daylight! Blogging is so awkward sometimes. Or maybe it’s me.)

Um, anyway… I have a few meetings today and a party tonight so I hope it holds up in the heat.


Hearing from you always makes my day:

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