Less Barbie, More Jackie

So this right here, my friends, is the quintessential self-indulgent blog post. (Trumpets play to signal a grand announcement) I got my haircut, y’all!

Not like a major chop or anything, really just a clean up of the dead ends, maybe an inch or so and a restructuring of the layers with the help of a little razoring. The result is a lot fresher, cleaner and classier cut. I have to say it looks much shorter today all whipped up with my teasing comb, Suave Dry Shampoo, and beach curls and I think I am going to put away my hair extensions for a while and just rock the modern Jackie look like my current fave housewife Kristen Taekman.

What do you guys think??? Rock it or bring back the extensions?

New Pop Geo Chandeliers from FALL Stella and Dot! 

(You can always shop through my online boutique at http://www.stelladot.com/emilykuhlman and if you’re in the KC area and want to do a trunk show, let me know! I love a good excuse for a girl’s night!)



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