How Does She Do It: Health and Fitness by Kelly

‘How Does She Do It?’ is a new feature where my girlfriends who have it GOIN’ ON let the rest of us in on some of their secrets/tips. Real women, real moms, real advice (love that!)

How Does She Do It: Health and Fitness

Meet Kelly, 37, mom of 2 kids, ages 15 and 12. I met her a few years ago through a mutual friend and when I sat down to lunch with her I distinctly remember two things: 1. She was unbelievably gorgeous, as in, I’m not even sure if I can like her because she’s so pretty I can’t look directly at her, and, 2. She ate the BREAD. At a ladies lunch! Then I went from not being sure about her to loving and hating her all in that jealous moment. Oh, did I mention I was pregnant and huge? Yeah. Anyway, it was obvious when she started talking that she has the number 1 quality I look for in a person, which is that she is genuine. She is genuinely comfortable in her own skin. She’s not one of those fragile, I-don’t-know-I’m-pretty type of girls (who can stand them?!) but she’s sporty, pretty, fun, real, confident, and best of all she OWNS it.

What did you eat yesterday? 

Coffee, chicken noodle soup, chips and salsa and pork tacos.

What’s a typical eating day for you? 

Always coffee, a big lunch (soup, salad, Mexican) and a lighter dinner. 

What would you consider a “splurge”? 

Luckily I have no sweet tooth so my splurge probably has bacon, fried and smothered in cheese. Today I had onion rings.

(Emily’s note: Can I have my sweet tooth removed too, please? Is that something they can extract? Because mine is taking over my life.)

Have you ever gone through a time in your life when you were overweight?

I was a chunky monkey from the ages 15-20.  I tried a lot of fad diets and once I gave up and just started eating realistically and added a workout routine and the weight came off on it’s own.  Surprisingly, I started losing weight after the birth of my son.  I got into competitive martial arts and that quickly peeled the weight off. 

What’s a typical week’s workout schedule? 

I rarely go to the gym. However, I play on a women’s volleyball league, always on the go with my kids….running and chasing them, swimming, biking and dancing is more my style for a workout.  I do like to lift light weights for strength training.

Do you wear make-up and cute clothes when you work out? 

Yep! I don’t go full-blown diva but if I run into an ex-boyfriend, I want him kicking himself…so the minimum amount to achieve that. 🙂

Do you regularly weigh yourself?  

Yes…a couple times a week.

Do you count calories?

No, not at all.

Is “Fitspiration” on Pinterest/Instagram motivating or depressing?  

I can see how it could be both.  If it’s depressing, it’s because you’re not motivated enough to do something about it so it becomes a reminder of what you’re not willing to work for.  If it’s motivating, it’s being used properly.  

(Emily’s note: Whoa! Tough but fair!)

Do you have a pre-event diet?

I keep myself within a 30 day beach-ready goal, which basically means I can tone up, tweak my diet and hit the gym hard for 30 days and feel confident and sexy in a bikini no more than 30 days out.  My diet focuses on lots of water, chicken/lean meats, low sodium, realistic foods and no soda or sugar. Adding a cleanse is great too. 

(Emily’s note: I love this 30-Days-Out approach and I have never ever heard it before in all the magazines I’ve ever read.) 

Do you work out with a buddy or by yourself? 

Typically myself and my kick-ass ipod playlist.

To what do you attribute your current physical fitness? (Diet, exercise, both, good genes, hard work, etc.) 

I think I have been fortunate to not have to be a slave to my weight anymore.  I don’t view keeping busy and active as hard work but I know it’s a major component to fitness.  Similar to playing sports…it’s my way of tricking my body into getting some exercise while really enjoying it.  My diet is practical for a busy working mom.  Also, my genetics are fantastic…my mother is 64 and can pass for 45 any day of the week. She is the Alpha Cougar! 🙂  

(Emily’s note: This is Kelly with her Mom and Daughter…ummmmmm I’d say that’s the genetic jackpot right there!)

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