Happy Home: (Basically just more bargains and flowers.)

I finally got all my vacation pictures uploaded so I will be sharing those soon, but for today I wanted to share some of the simple things that put a spring in my step.

For some reason, the past two nights I have slept terribly due to several versions of a recurring nightmare I have had for years. It’s kind of embarassing because the whole thing is basically just that I find out that they made a mistake when they gave me my diploma and I have to go back to math class. The level of PANIC this creates in me cannot be adequately described, but I usually wake up with my heart racing, thanking God for my post-high school life and husband who is good with numbers. I was telling my husband about all my little anxieties that I think are causing my bad dreams and he said, “Don’t worry, just keep doing what you’re doing.” Which was like a lightbulb, so I drew a picture of 3 little birds on my chalkboard in the kitchen (a recent Hobby Lobby find!) and it makes me think of my cousin Jacob and his favorite song. They played it at his funeral, where he had requested a dress code of tie dye. It was the coolest and so was he.

This is my new beauty supply! I bought it at Home Goods for $4.99 and used it as a moisturizer last night. It’s amazing! (Full disclosure, I also intended to use it for that weird oil-pulling thing everyone is talking about and I lasted about 20 seconds of the 20 minutes they recommend. Because ew.)

Here’s another flower arrangement I did in a tall vase. These are just the cheap ones from Costco but I think they are so pretty and I love the color with my new tray!

I’ve had my eye on a glitter gloss from Sephora but I didn’t get it because I wasn’t sure if I would actually wear it (because I’m not 12.) I found this one at the Dollar Tree and I LOVE it. It’s so light and yummy smelling! I’m glittering and proud.

Here’s another small arrangement from the big Costco cheapo bouquet. I’ve been so snobby about carnations because they remind me of Homecoming or funerals, but I actually think these look fresh and sophisticated in the low vase with all the green.

In a fit of Spring cleaning yesterday, I turned my husband’s scotch nook into a coffee nook. It’s so much nicer to have this little cozy corner in the morning and we also look less like a fraternity (my husband has a huge Scotch collection.) I just love a good nook!

Last night I hosted a champagne and cupcakes Stella and Dot Trunk Show so Avery and I spent the morning baking and decorating these little goodies.

Here’s my own little private Stella and Dot boutique (best job ever!)

I’d like to sarcastically thank the Missouri Costco for selling liquor (throws mad shade at Kansas Costco.)

Look at this pretty piece of sunshine from my sample sale last night!

Shop here for the Norah Pendant

Last, but certainly not least, are these sexy little things I picked up on the clearance rack at DSW! Even though I am naturally about 11 feet tall, for some reason I gravitate toward shoes that make me look like a drag queen. Good thing I married a tall guy!

The best part is that I have a Junior League event tonight so I can properly debut them among Kansas City’s most fashionable ladies!

You can shop my trunk show online HERE for the next 3 weeks. There are lots of great Mother’s Day gifts and deals going on right now so snap ’em up!

Pretty sure I’m going to win some sort of blogging Pulitzer for this one!

Hearing from you always makes my day:

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