Blue Magic, cheap sunglasses, and other happy things.

Swimming laps is my all-time favorite way to stay in shape, but it wreaks havoc on my hair. Add to that, the other day I forgot my hair products so I had no choice but to use my gym’s “J.R. Watkins Naturals” all-purpose foam soap. Note to my gym: no need to list the fancy “natural” brand like you’re doing us a huge favor. It’s just foam soap. Anyway, the girl getting ready next to me happened to be using a jar of this Blue Magic Coconut Conditioner and she let me use some. She also saved me from looking like a greaseball because it’s for African-American hair and I would have put waaaay too much on if she hadn’t stopped me! One tiny bit took my hair from brittle, tangled and straw-like to soft, bouncy and manageable with just a blowdryer…no other heat styling! (Random gym girl: “Thank you for bein’ a friend!”) She said she gets it at Wal Mart.

Cheap Sunglasses!

Next time you are at the Dollar Store, check out their sunglasses! I used to have really nice sunglasses. Honestly I don’t know what happened to ANY of them. They are like phone chargers, they constantly disappear when you need them and show up in droves when you’re looking for something else. My new rule is that if I have to spend more than $8 on Sunglasses, they are a bad investment so I have been getting mine at the Dollar Tree and Forever 21 and it’s like the best kept secret, because even the “cheap” Target sunlasses are like $12. Here are some cute ones!

Forever 21 Oversized Rounds for $5.80

This sign!

Saw this at Nebraska Furniture Mart yesterday and couldn’t help but think it would make for hilariously chic Nursery decor.

These kids!

We spent the weekend in the sun at the pool and it was divine. Summertime with kids is the greatest. They play hard all day, wear adorable dresses and swimsuits, eat popsicles outside and then crash early so I can watch Orange Is The New Black until I fall asleep reluctantly because that show is just SO GOOD.


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