Beauty Queen: SkinCare and Haircare and Weightloss, OH MY


You’re so vain…oh wait no, that’s me.



So after reading my 30 by 30 post on the regular MKM blog, a girlfriend messaged me to find out what anti-aging skin products are my favorite and I thought, YELLO! Blog post! So here’s the stuff I’m currently using. Note: these are the most expensive products that I own. I know for some people department store or “designer” products are normal, but I’m a CVS kind of girl. If you’re a regular reader you know I use Suave dry shampoo and Wet n Wild nail polish. No shame in my game!

Skincare. Loreal Youth Code: Takes off the LOADS of black eyeliner and mascara I wear with minimal effort from me.

Arbonne Cellular Renewal Masque : You KNOW it’s good because it’s a Masque…not a mask. This stuff is the real deal. I have three favorite Arbonne products and none of them are makeup. This is my top favorite product. I wear it when Avery and I do our mommy-daughter spa days and let me tell you, it BURNS. I feel it’s the burn of old skin being dissolved allowing more youthful skin to glow through, but if you’re not into extreme skincare, this product is not for you. It makes you look like you have a sunburn for half an hour after you use it.

TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream: I use this multiple times of day and I also use it on my kids. I probably never would have tried it but my step-aunt Marisa (see related posts on Marisa: Kentucky Derby Shower, My Best Friend’s Wedding Festivities and Marisa’s Wedding ) is a rep for the line so she gave me some to try and now I adore it. It smells like vacation and it’s the perfect consistency for face lotion. It’s formulated to fight the free radicals that cause aging so it’s a very high end product. If you are at all curious to find out about the science behind it, ask Marisa. She’s a nurse. And she loves to talk. (Also, just for the sake of saying it, she in NO WAY has anything to do with this post. I am just sharing the products I really use on a daily basis. She gave it to me to try well before I started a blog. #2Legit.)


Haircare. Where do I even begin. My hair is my thing. I brought a set of hot-rollers to college just to ensure I would be perfectly coiffed for class.

My mom got me into Redken. The All Soft line is my favorite. It smells like heaven and it works for every hair type.

Guts: I have a sign in my bathroom that says “Higher the hair, closer to God” and HOLY volume, this Redken Guts stuff is great. (This is teetering on sacrilegious but I’m gonna just go with it.) (Also I googled the spelling of the word “sacrilegious” and I feel would make more sense spelled “sacreligious” but I digress…)

The Umberto Blow Dry Lotion was actually a Target Clearance purchase that I now can’t live without. It is a magic potion that makes your hair smoother and lessens the time it takes to dry. It also smells and feels oh so luxurious.

Kenra is my secret weapon from my pageant days. I think all of the products are wonderful, but this is a good all-purpose one. If you’re going to buy only one Kenra product, buy the Hot Spray.

So onto that ever-mythical magic weightloss pill. I posted in December about trying to drag my kids to the gym because I had been on kind of an eating spree (See: There was No Cat). A while back I bought an Arbonne product called Metabolism Boost and I kind of forgot about it until recently. About a month ago I started taking it in the mornings and I can really tell it’s made a difference. Since I’ve been taking it and drinking more water I’ve lost 8 lbs. I think it’s one of those things like, okay is it the water and the fact that I’m paying attention? Or is it the ingredients in the pill because I generally eat healthy and work out a few times a week and that has not changed at all. In fact I’ve incorporated pasta back into my diet which I used to avoid completely and I’m still not gaining weight back.

Anyway, I guess you never really know with these things, but I am definitely going to keep taking my them because I had tortellini for lunch (or as my old DDD housemom spelled it “Trotline.”) and I’m not stressing over it.

I hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend! Live it up, because you’ll never be younger than you are right now! 🙂


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