Actual Things.

Here are some actual things that happened today, recorded here for the sake of posterity.

I entered my first Twitter contest by tweeting this photo to Martha Stewart for her #MyAmericanSummer competition and I won so they are going to put it up in their gallery on A lovely girl named Katie contacted me so she can send me a prize. I hope it’s this! No pressure, Katie.

My winning entry

I  also went to the grocery store with Avery and Savannah today. That Rihanna song came on that goes “We found love in a hopeless place” and Avery started singing along LOUDLY. I wasn’t even aware that she knew that song. We went to the liquor aisle to grab a bottle of vermouth and some margarita mix for the weekend and Avery looked around and said, “Heyyy this looks just like at MeMe’s house.” MeMe is my mom. At least she didn’t say our house. Then an adorable and very elderly couple stopped by our cart in the pickle aisle (why are there so many varieties of pickles?) and they were oohing and ahhing over the girls’ blue eyes. The sweet little old woman turned to Avery and said, “is that your little sister?” to which Avery replied unenthusiastically “Yeah, She is.” Avery then pointed at me and said “And she’s my mommy.” Then added “She’s not the maid.” Um, thanks for clarifying.

Whenever she gets bossy or demanding with me I tell her “I’m the mommy, not the maid.” So at least I know she’s listening.

Sometimes I look at my three year old and think she’s a genius. Then other times, like today, she pulled back the new shower curtain I hung last night and with the purest surprise, joy, and pride in her voice she yelled, “HEY! I FOUND OUR BATHTUB!” It was like the scene in Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd Christmas yells “We’ve landed on the moon!”

And those are the actual things.

Hearing from you always makes my day:

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